The 5 Most Influential Football Couples On Social Media

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While the best soccer players on the planet constantly make headlines for their amazing talent and results on the field, often their popularity is dominated by their famous wives and girlfriends. Together, they represent power couples people look up to and are curious to know more about. Accordingly, their social media accounts are flooded with millions of followers.

Here are some of the hottest five influential soccer couples you should currently follow on social media if you haven’t already.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina Rodriguez

Portuguese pro soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo met gorgeous Georgina in 2016 while she was working at a Gucci store as a sales assistant. The couple described the encounter as love at first sight, and the world went absolutely mad about their story. The captain of the national Portugal team and Manchester United’s star attacker is considered one of the best soccer players on the planet. He won over 30 trophies throughout his career, which include seven league titles, five UEFA Champions Leagues, and the prestigious UEFA European Championship. He was also awarded numerous Gold Foot awards, The Best FIFA Men’s Player award, and many others.

Georgina was born in Buenos Aires and quickly became an Instagram sensation as soon as her relationship with Ronaldo became official while the couple attended FIFA’s Best Awards six years ago. Ronaldo has a huge Instagram following of over 470 million, while Georgina has close to 40 million.

David and Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girls singer and current model, fashion designer, and businesswoman Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham married Manchester United’s former professional soccer player David Beckham in 1998 during a soccer game. Ever since, the English is one of the most popular power couples in the world of soccer. Social media fans want to know all about their four beautiful children, their numerous fashion lines, and special red carpet events they attend together. Victoria counts over 30 million followers on Instagram alone, while David gathered close to 75 million on the same platform. Recently, he used his account to share an amazing clip of his wife performing karaoke to a classic Spice Girls song, Stop!. In the video, Victoria was seen cheerfully bouncing around and looking in her black outfit.

Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos

The two are a beloved Spanish football couple who started dating back in 2012 and made their relationship official through a marriage seven years later. PSG’s player and captain of the national Spanish team planned a Seville wedding with 400 guests with the beautiful actress, TV presenter, and model. The two have four children and a total Instagram following of over 60 million. In June, the couple visited Dubai where they had dinner at an exclusive restaurant. They posted the images on their social media pages but their fans didn’t take their choice of food too lightly. Some Internet users criticized them for ordering a $900 steak that was wrapped in 24-karat gold foil. The two were accused of lacking empathy and connection to reality. 

Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi

Labeled as one of the best soccer players on the planet, Leo Messi is currently showing off his skills for PSG. Antonella Roccuzzo is a gorgeous businesswoman who is also passionate about fashion. The two met in Argentina at a very young age, while they were children and they stayed together ever since. She decided to sacrifice her academic studies to join him in Spain, while Leo has proven time and time again that he always has her back during award ceremonies, important events, and matches. When the two post family photos together with their three children, they quickly gather over 8 million likes. Leo’s Instagram following has surpassed the 352 million mark. Antonella has over 20 million fans watching her every move on the same social media platform. 


Sofia Balbi and Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world. He recently announced signing a pre-agreement with his former boyhood club in Uruguay, Nacional Montevideo, finally bidding Atletico Madrid goodbye. The soccer player has been married to Sofia Balbi, the beloved internet personality, entrepreneur, and media face with a 1.6 million following on Instagram. Luis has 44 million devoted followers of his own that constantly reward his beautiful family post with millions of lives and comments.

We would have loved to include other power couples that had been ruling the soccer world for years, including Shakira and Pique or Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero. Unfortunately, their divorces interfered with the exact purpose of our list, to present to you the most influential soccer couple currently found on social media.

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