The Best Tricks to Writing Student Essays in 2021

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College students often find it hard to write essays. This does not help at all because essays, or for that matter, any type of assignment writing, is very important in college life. If this is a “dreaded task” for you, there are some tips that can make things much easier. 

You can use these tips to make the process easier for you so that you can come up with successful essays regardless of what the topic is. This will impress your teachers, friends and you’ll achieve better grades.

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Follow the right process when writing an essay

When it comes to writing essays, there are certain basic steps you need to follow, including:

  • Choosing your topic
  • Creating an outline
  • Writing the thesis statement and introduction 
  • Writing the body
  • Writing the conclusion

As you can see, there is a logical structure for writing an essay as it reflects consistent and correct thinking. But as a student, you don’t have to follow the formats strictly or prevent your creative energy from flowing. By sticking with the basics, you can’t go wrong with your essay.

Make it personal

Many of the best essays for school or college applications are the ones that tend to be intensely personal. If your teacher or the admissions committee members read essays from two applicants who are almost similar in terms of extracurricular and academic achievements, they will prefer the essay that gives them a more personal connection.

Also, in the light of the current situation, the de-prioritization of academic records and standardized test scores has allowed colleges to give more emphasis on the personal aspects of college applications. 

Therefore, as a student, you should write about your own personal stories – stories that only you can tell. You can also talk about your feelings, your priorities in life, how you approach problems, and how you make decisions.


Use professional essay help

When it comes to writing an essay, you need to focus on the task to make sure that you come up with the best outcome. You can also hire a professional essay writing service from EduBirdie to help you out. By hiring a professional writing service, you will have the assurance that your work will be up to standard and original. Still, learning tricks and tips for students is essential as these will help you with other types of coursework too. 

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Avoid clichés

When writing an essay, you should try to avoid using clichés. Since this is a basic rule for all writing, teachers and admissions committees won’t appreciate these. Instead, you should come up with an essay that has fresh content.

This has become very important these days. Remember that as time goes by, essays have increased in significance, either as part of requirements in school or college applications.

It’s easy to understand why many students have difficulties figuring out which topics are already overused or are clichés. Just remember that your essay will stand out when it deals with an uncommon and interesting topic, makes personal connections, or uses unique language. 

If you’re writing about a common experience or topic, you can still avoid using clichés by connecting the topic to an unexpected point or relating your story in a surprising way.

Think deeply and try not to repeat yourself

Adding some humor in your essay can work for you, but it would depend on the topic. Just stay away from using limericks, one-liners, and anything inappropriate. 


Also, remember that what writing an essay, you should try not to repeat the points over and over again. Keep these things in mind when creating an outline or writing plan for essays as part of your coursework in school.

Hone your skills by practicing

We all know that saying, “practice makes perfect,” and this is very true. With enough practice, you will learn how to express your thoughts in essays coherently. When you keep doing something regularly, you will get better at it. 

Even if you don’t feel like you have a talent for writing, you can acquire and improve this skill. This will help you cope with any essay assignment and get better grades. However, this will need constant practice. 

The grades you get in school aren’t always an indication of success but they will make you feel more motivated. You can improve your grades by honing your skills and always setting aside time to study.


These tips on how to write a good essay will help you write essays and while improving your writing skills too. The foundational pieces of advice you learned here will allow you to effectively draft essays and other written work for your classes.

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Jeremy Raynolds works for a technology company as a writer and editor and is the key person behind the entire content requirement there, which ranges from web content to marketing collaterals. He’s also into academic writing for business and technology students. His hobbies include cycling, drawing cartoons and growing herbs.

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