The Clairvoyants Embark On Holiday Season Tour Post ‘America’s Got Talent’ Fame

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The Clairvoyants

The Clairvoyants, composed of Austrian couple Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass, first captivated an international audience on “America’s Got Talent” for their engaging combination of mentalism and crowd work. After finishing in second place on the show’s eleventh season in 2016, the pair went on to have a successful residency at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada alongside their dog, Mr. Koni Hundini. They will soon return to compete on “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” in the new year.

For the remainder of 2023, the mind-reading pair and their pooch are on tour for the holiday season. Despite often spending the holidays on the road, the Clairvoyants aim to bring some nostalgic holiday elements to their mentalism act, “The Clairvoyants: The Holiday Spectacular.” With dates ranging from coast to coast, the couple look forward to changing up their usual Las Vegas act.

Without spoiling the surprise, van Tass said “there are going to be a lot of new elements in the show and we have one act where everybody can decide whatever they want to choose. The outcome is going to be completely random, but in the end everything will make sense and the people will land on the right spot, as we predicted, and they will get a present.”

Mr. Koni Hundini will be the real star of the holiday show, and is learning all of the magic from his parents. Ten said “I’m most excited about Mr. Koni Houdini, our little dog. He will be on stage and he will try to read the mind of someone from the audience, and we will also show the act that won us the World Champions of Mentalism.” While the Clairvoyants have stood true to their unique style within on stage mentalism, their act continues to evolve in the years post “America’s Got Talent.” The lessons they learned about performing and audience engagement continue to ring true.

“I think we learned a lot about how to be focused, and how to really work on a big project intensively. Because you always think that, ‘Okay. I can only go that far, and then my energy is done.’  But we figured out that there is so much more out there. We figured out together we can accomplish anything,” said van Tass.

The Clairvoyants



Ten feels that the popular competition show prepared them well for life on the road and developing their own full-length performance. “Especially after America’s Got Talent, life is, and has been, a roller coaster touring around the world, and it just showed us what we can do and it always pushed us to create new acts, and conquer new challenges.”

Van Tass looks forward to the whimsy the Clairvoyants hope to convey to the audience. “We are going to be in the audience a lot, and make magic there. The audience is going to be up on stage. We will create the magic together, and every night will be unique for sure, because the audience varies every night and we can never predict really what’s going to happen. So it’s definitely going to be unique.”

Tickets to The Clairvoyants’ “Holiday Spectacular” are available for purchase here. “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” starts on NBC on Jan. 1.

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