The Most Popular Education Trends in 2021

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Both education and technology are quickly evolving and reaching new goals. As this happens, new trends are emerging and changing the educational field in its entirety. As students prepare to study remotely in the future, teachers are looking for entertaining and engaging ways to connect with their pupils. The new emerging trends are nevertheless affecting learning and changing the traditional classroom, bringing new updates and features to explore. Let’s see what the most popular education trends this year are, and how you can create positive change in the classroom. 

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The Most Popular Trends This Year

  • Technology is expanding, and so is online education. More help with assignment writing. 

New media and support tools will be available for remote studying. More students will be prone to studying online, choosing this option to better suit their writing needs, for example. This way, they will be able to write better assignments and get online help with their schoolwork. They could literally search for “find someone who can do my assignment” on any search engine and have millions of professional writers pop up ready to help. This could be a great way for students to practice their writing while having technology by their side.

  • Training soft skills becomes a priority

There will be more emphasis on developing children’s soft skills this year. This is really important, since soft skills can provide students with numerous growth opportunities, not only in their lives but also in their careers.

  • More technology means better attention spans 

Since there will be new technologies and software programs used in the classroom, students will have access to engaging learning. They will pay more attention in the classroom and thus, develop their attention spans. 

  • Learning vs teaching 

The teacher will have an important say in kids’ education still, but technology will too. The new relationship between the two parties is important to address. Online learning will be facilitated and more emphasized than ever before.

How Can I Create Positive Change in the Classroom?

Change is not always our friend, especially when our duty is to teach it to the kids. Most students won’t be open to sudden change, which is why we must facilitate a positive changing environment in the classroom. As teachers, this is our job, so we must do it right. Here are some strategies you could use to implement new trends in the classroom (and get students excited about it). 


  • Set new rules. Help kids understand the idea of changing trends by setting new classroom rules. Ask your students to come up with new concepts that they want to explore in the classroom and ways to do it. The first rule should be about change – teach them that “change is inevitable in the classroom,” for example. Let that be the golden rule and see what follows. In any case, let them come up with ideas, don’t intervene too much. 
  • Be a role model for your students. You must also embrace change if you want your kids to. Show them how excited you are about technology and what the future might bring. Buy new, engaging material or learning games that you think they would enjoy. Present these new features to the classroom and have them discuss these topics. The more they talk about change, the more they’ll get used to it. 
  • Practice mindfulness in the classroom. Mindful behavior constantly reminds us of the present moment. When we’re focused on the present moment, we see things through a clear lens; only then do we realize that change is part of our daily routine. Everything is in a state of constant change. If you practice this for 3-5 minutes each day in class, kids will pick it up in no time and when change comes, they’ll be ready to accept it. 
  • Communicate with your students. They might have questions about the new emerging trends. They might not know how to deal with the new software tools, for example. They might be scared that they’re being left behind. Have open communication sessions and let kids know that you’re there for them through their learning process. 
  • Build a positive classroom environment. Games are more fun when they’re played with the right people! Develop a positive classroom environment where kids are allowed to be themselves. Let them ask questions and speak out their mind. Be there for them, support them, show them how the new trends will facilitate their learning. Come up with reasons to support your claims. Your students will highly appreciate that and model your behavior in the future. 

Wrapping Up

The year 2021 is a great year for change. New trends are quickly emerging, and education is quickly developing. Keep an open mind and don’t forget to teach kids to do the same. 

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