The Sag Awards Announced their Nominees and Twitter is Divided

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The SAG Awards, which stands for Screen Actors Guild Awards, announced their nominees and there are quite mixed responses. This award system is interesting as it does not focus specifically on only movies or only television shows but instead looks at performances in general. For example, many were very excited to congratulate Andrew Garfield in his role in “Tick..Tick… Boom!” and Will Smith in “King Richard.” However, some were very confused to see some left out, for example, Kristen Stewart who had a great performance as Princess Diana in “Spencer.” Though you can find the list of all the nominations, here is a rundown of the nominations people are the most excited for, the ones people think are missing, and overall what Twitter has to say in response.

Many people see the SAG awards as a preliminary to who might be nominated or win an Oscar, as many of the nominees for a SAG award go on to be nominated for an Oscar as well. As mentioned, many felt that Kristen Stewart was snubbed, especially because many of the nominations were for actresses who played real people, like Lady Gaga in “House of Gucci” and Nicole Kidman in “Being the Ricardos.”

Another surprise, though many were happy to see the nomination, was Ruth Negga in “Passing.” Though many enjoyed the film and the performance of Negga, some felt as if the film and actress were both being overlooked.

And though the Hulu comedy show “Only Murderers In The Building” was nominated for having the best comedy series cast, some felt as if Selena Gomez was overlooked for a solo award.


And when it comes to only pure excitement for a nomination, “Squid Game” received four nominations and even made history as the first non-English-language TV series, and in particular being a Korean series, which many were excited to see. Overall, many are excited to see who wins the actual awards and are even more excited to see a few debut performances, like Ruth Negga in “Passing” for example. en

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