The Simpsons have predicted FaceTime, Donald Trump and now.. the World Cup? As Portugal faces off with Mexico, it seems to be the case!

The Simpsons have been called out numerous times for predicting the future. From Donald Trump becoming president to the invention of FaceTime, and now the World Cup final, people are beginning to wonder whether the writers of one of the most popular animated sitcoms of all time are actually time travelers.

As we enter into the semi-finals of the World Cup, people are beginning to predict what countries will be left to battle it out to the final. However, The Simpsons may have already predicted this in an episode that aired in 1997.

In the episode of the animation series, the show portrays a match between Mexico and Portugal, who play against each other to become ‘the greatest nation on earth.’ Many fans have mentioned how the show has never been wrong, and have predicted some of the most ridiculous things, which have actually come true. If they’ve been right before, no reason they’re not right again? If so, I think there is a case for the FBI to investigate the minds of the writers, it’s all a bit suspicious if you ask me.

This isn’t the only World Cup prediction that The Simpsons have made which has actually come true. They predicted that Brazilian footballer player, Neymar, would be one of the best ‘fake injury’ actors to bless the sport. This is 100% true, as Neymar has been known to always have an injury around the time of his sister’s birthday. Maybe a prediction or just a coincidence?

Back in 2000, The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump becoming president of the United States. Not only did they make this prediction, which actually (unfortunately) became true, but they promised us a President Lisa Simpson, which we very much hope will come true.

Although, some fans are not too happy about all of these predictions coming true, especially for the World Cup. Some people are concerned that their team won’t make it into the final and are already setting themselves up for a worrying few weeks.

If we know The Simpsons, we know that they haven’t been wrong before. but I guess we’ll have to wait to see if the clairvoyants have done it again!

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