The Trailer of ‘Stranger Things’ Season Four Just Released and Fans are Thrilled

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After years of anticipating, Stranger Things fans finally got to see a sneak peek of Netflix’s iconic show’s fourth season. In the last season, which aired in 2019, fans were left on a highly emotional cliffhanger with the death of an incredibly important and beloved character. Now, three years later, Stranger Things fans are finally getting to look at what they might expect from the fourth season. The seasons will be released in volumes, with volume 1 debuting May 27th and volume 2 coming out July 1.

From what fans gathered in the trailer, the group of friends is separated and trying to navigate the aftermath of the last season. While they also deal with high school, they have to also finally figure out how to finally seal “the upside down.” According to the show’s creators, this will be the final season, but with nine episodes, it will also be the show’s longest. After seeing the trailer, fans began to discuss it online, generating even more excitement.

Although fans will be saddened to see the show finish, some of the show’s creators have hinted at a spinoff or sequel to the show, although it is not confirmed. Many fans, however, are excited to have a conclusion to the show and watch the actors go on to do other things in their careers, especially since they were so young when the show premiered 6 years ago. Many fans agreed the season would be worth the wait and are happy that the season will be broken off into separate “volumes” to make the ending of the show even further away.


Overall, fans are pleased with the trailer and are looking forward to seeing the characters they haven’t seen in a few years. Some, however, are hesitant, as the show’s endings have not always been uplifting and are sometimes quite heartbreaking, which some fans are worried will be how the show finalizes.

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