The Viral Bull In New Jersey Transit Has Made It To An Animal Sanctuary

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Just weeks ahead of he holiday season, an incident offered a “dog-ate-my-homework” esque excuse to the grown ups attempting their commute, only to be interrupted by a literal bull in a china shop–or rather, the train tracks. Yesterday, a mysterious bull appeared on the tracks at Newark Penn Station in New Jersey. The bull stalled the daily commute for many New Jerseyians heading into New York City, but offered several viral social media moments in return. The bull was spotted running up the tracks and captured on video by train passengers awaiting his rescue, which ultimately had a happy ending.

New Jersey radio station WCBS 880 claimed that the bull had a escaped from a slaughterhouse, though an exact location for his escape route is still under investigation. The bull first emerged at 10:30 a.m., and somehow gained entrance to the station, and wound up on the tracks, delaying a number of trains in his wake. Despite the delays, passengers appeared quite amused by the chaos.

After following the bull for hours, Members of the Newark Police Emergency Services Unit and Port Authority Police Department eventually led him into a fenced area near the station after he left the tracks. Fox 5 then captured video footage of the bull being led into a transportation vehicle.


As of this morning, the story has a happy ending–the bull, once destined for slaughter, has found a new home at an animal sanctuary. NJ Transit made the announcement on their social media pages. Skyland Sanctuary takes in animals who survived slaughterhouses or other unsafe conditions. The sanctuary is located in Wantage, New Jersey.

Social Media Reactions To Bullgate

Onlookers were largely happy to see the bull find a safe home after his troubles. Images of the bull on the way to his sanctuary continue to emerge.

Some joked that the absurd yet heartwarming story would make for a perfect Pixar film.


Others joke that the bull was running faster and made it to his destination quicker than the NJ Transit itself. The system is known for its frequent delays and vulnerability to the elements. This past summer, flooding occurred throughout the greater New York City area amid torrential rains.

The bull has been named Ricardo, and he appears to be in great health after his ordeal. Many X users continue to marvel at the bull’s tenacity and survival skills.

The true mystery remains surrounding how the bull made its way onto the train tracks. NJ Transit is back up an running as usual, as are the AmTrack and PATH trains that also operate out of the station. Will delays continue to impact trains this week? Well, when there’s a bull, there’s a way.

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