These Besties Landed Forbes 30 Under 30 For Their Brilliant Hair Hack

From a “bad hair day” to 500,000 customers & counting
By Alora Bossy



Meet Sharon and Jordynn – or Shordynn, as they’re known on the internet by their strong and growing community of more than 550,000.
Brought together by “what felt like fate”, like most good friends in their twenties, they met at college. Little did they know their friendship would change their lives…

Jordynn and Sharon took their relationship from friends to business partners, when they found something HUGE was missing in the beauty space, and took a risk by leaving their high-profile jobs to pursue it.

With a reputation for being more like big sisters with the best beauty tips vs  founders of the fastest growing company in the consumer hair space–
All it took was listening to the concerns that women had about their hair (and suffering more than a few bad hair days themselves) to know they had to do something. 

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Hair is the ultimate source of confidence for billions of people worldwide–

InStyle reported that as many as 86% of women wish they could change something about their hair, and unsurprisingly, 72% feel more empowered when they feel good about their hair…
They decided to take action.   

Around that time, whether it was to do with thin hair, short hair, not having access to frequent salon visits, or simply wanting to change up their hair in seconds…
The demand for faux hair blew up on the internet.

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Wigmania went viral among celebrities, notably icons like Ariana Grande and her signature ponytail, and of course beauty trendsetters like the Kardashians. Wanting to duplicate celebrity-worthy hair, Jordynn and Sharon soon discovered that Remy hair could be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 
So, like anyone who doesn’t have multi-millions in the bank, they instead tried some of the cheaper options available. From fire hazards, to horrible smelling wigs with the roots drawn on by a marker, nothing they ordered could realistically be styled or worn outside of Halloween. 

One thing seemed certain– having access to hair you love shouldn’t be so complicated! All the trial and error, and community feedback fueled their hair extension start-up, Insert Name Here.

Forget what you know about synthetic hair & discover what all the hype is about…

Women everywhere have saved hundreds of dollars, and stopped taking extreme measures for good hair days after upgrading to INSERT NAME HERE hair.

Real purchasers, from A-listers to hair beginners, can’t stop talking about INSERT NAME HERE hair.


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