This Man Put Up A Christmas Tree 44-Years-Ago And Never Took It Down

By Alex Firer
This story will leave you with all the feels. This dad had hope for a Christmas with his whole family, and he wasn't taking this tree down until he had it.

This individual’s strange Christmas Tree is much more than what meets the eye. THis tree is old. Older than the regular tree. Older than the Earth itself? No. But it HAS been been standing for 44-years so that’s something. The tree’s owner Neil Olson put the tree up in 1974. At the time, several of Olson’s sons were away at war. He vowed he wouldn’t take the tree down until all six of his sons were home and the whole family was together again.

One of his sons was injured while away at war. Despite the tree’s brown bristles and dusty bulbs, Olson kept it up his whole life. He passed away in November 2018 at 91-years-old. His youngest son, Rich Olson says the family is saying goodbye to the tree this holiday season.

Sadly, the whole family never had a chance to be all together again. and the dust piled on. What a sad tale. Heartbreaking. But what do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.