This TikToker Kissed the Back of Men’s Shirts as a Prank, But Now People are Calling Her Out

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Image: @littlewank | TikTok

In a viral TikTok, people were not impressed with this TikToker pranking men by kissing the back of their shirts, leaving lipstick marks without the men knowing. The TikTok went viral, with over 6.5 million likes in just 5 days and 70 thousand likes. The creator, Sam, shows herself doing this to multiple men without their permission and even without them knowing, with the caption “lipstick bandit was on the loose.” Though posted humorously, a lot of people were not pleased, wondering how the men would feel once they found out.


lipstick bandit was on the LOOSE at pj’s

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Many were of the opinion that she might have caused a rift with some relationships tonight, as the men might have gone home unknowingly with multiple lipstick marks on their back. Of course, if someone tried to explain they had no idea where those marks came from, it might be hard for the spouse to believe. Others pointed out that though the intention might have been harmless if a man had done the same thing to multiple women at a club, many would find that incredibly inappropriate. “Staining clothes and causing arguments for couples just ain’t it sis,” wrote one commenter. Others wrote that “That’s not even funny! Not only for people’s relationships but If that was a male doing that… this would be a whole lot different!”

Image: @littlewank | TikTok

Some found the video as intended, a little bit funny. One commenter noted that “It’s hilarious but also can’t help but feel bad because some of those nice dress shirts can get expensive, wouldn’t be thrilling to find a stain on it.” The creator, Sam, does not seem a little bit phased by the influx of hate she received. Before this was posted, she seemed to post a lot of vlogs and day-in-the-life content, which she continued to do days after the TikTok was posted.


“normalize blocking people. how are you gonna bully me and stress me out on my phone that i pay for??? no” — addison rae

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She resumed posting content as normal, without addressing any comments. When some face a lot of criticism, they will often take down the post or even mute the comments, but neither of those things happened. So, if you’re thinking of kissing men’s shirts when they don’t realize it at the club, it is probably best not to as it does not get you the biggest of fans from the internet.

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