This Unemployed TikToker Documents His Life To Finding His Dream Job

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Image: @jaackyyli | TikTok

A recent TikToker, who accumulated over 100 thousand followers and 2 million likes, shares his life as an unemployed person living with his parents. He shows what his weekly or day-to-day life looks like, from waking up from 8 AM to 10 AM, his morning routine, working out, answering emails, and looking for jobs. His content showcases how it’s okay to live with your parents even in your mid 20’s, despite the stigma that might come with it.


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Although he continues to find and pursue his dreams, his parents often get onto him for not having a job and to find a corporate one. But, in his videos, he says that although he does sometimes go out to eat with his friends, he mostly is at home trying to be productive and continue working for his dreams. Although he sometimes takes short naps or takes breaks while watching YouTube videos, his days do look quite productive, despite the stigma attached to unemployed people being lazy.


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Many people find his content inspiring and relatable and also commented on the fact he is being productive, despite not having a full-time job. He often edits photos or videos as a side gig and makes to-do lists and journals about his dreams. Many were encouraging, noting that although he might not have a full-time job yet, his productivity shows he is on the right path and will be employed soon.


Slept at 3am but it’s okay #dayinmylife #dayinthelife #unemployed

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“Wish people didn’t shame living with one’s parents so much, but either way, you’re doing great prioritizing your own happiness,” one person noted. Although many people look down upon living with your parents after you reach a certain age, usually during or after finishing college, things can be incredibly expensive right now, and living with your parents while searching for a career can make all the difference. “With that level of productivity and consistency, great things are surely in store!” one person noted.

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