This Viral TikTok Of Woman Meeting Her Biological Father Will Bring You To Tears

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Grab your tissues, a heartwarming story has gone viral on TikTok of user @dodocaca_92 (otherwise known as Brandace) meets her biological father for the first time after taking a 23andMe test.

For those who don’t know, 23andMe is the first and only direct-to-consumer DNA test that meets the FDA requirements. Users spit in a vial, send that in, and the company will then analyze specific positions in your genome… which has the potential to tell you about your ancestry… traits…. And certain health conditions. “Fifteen years of saliva tests (spit kits) to the general public at a price around $99 has allowed the company to build up a huge database of users analyzed for a comprehensive list of 960,000 single nucleotides polymorphisms or genetic markers, providing insight into a large number of characteristics,” (per forbes). Ladies and gentlemen this means the phrase “You get it from yo mama is 99% accurate.

So a couple of months after her results, She finally got to meet her biological father in person and tell him she was her daughter. But he seemed a bit confused… and Brandace discussed this later on her TikTok page explaining he was diagnosed with dementia.

The story about her father’s mental health even plays a role in how she was conceived!! Apparently, both of her parents were in a mental institution which she explains is the reason she was adopted.

Additionally, she also went to visit her biological mother who is currently in a mental hospital, and filmed a video asking about her given name as well as her father.


Between her mother’s beautiful laugh in that video and her father’s friendly hug at their meeting, this video has gone viral as people continue to follow her story. Her fans have many questions for her about how this even happened, and she explains how when her mother was in a very bad car wreck that left her with brain damage. She explains that both of her parents’ rights were terminated at her birth. Definitely, a tearjerker seeing this humble young lady find her family that she technically wasn’t even looking for. She said in another TikTok that she was intending to find her biological siblings not so much her father and ended up meeting her biological tia (aunt).

To make this story even more beautiful… after one user commented asking if she talks with her biological father today… Brandace replied, commenting

“I do. We talk often. I’ve been trying to get to know him better with a notebook ready for his answers to my questions!”

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