TikTok Captures a Dog Fight in the Middle of a Home Depot

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A dog fight that occurred in a Home Depot was captured on camera and later posted to TikTok. Although the video does not capture the beginning of the fight, it captures the end where a crowd of customers gather around two dogs as they try to separate the dogs from each other. Once the two dogs were separated, one being a small, white dog and the other being a medium-sized pit bull, a woman is on the ground screaming, while another woman holds the white dog and frantically searches for the woman with the pitbull. The video ended with no conclusion as the two older women begin to panic, asking for the police to be called, and overall showing a chaotic scene.


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Although the video did not give a satisfying update, there was a lot of conversation in the comments about dog breeds, unleashed dogs, and if you should bring a dog that is not a service animal into a store like Home Depot. With 7.5 million views in six days, there were dividing views on the video. Some thought that since the lady with the pitbull darted off so quickly, it looked suspicious and could indicate that her dog stirred some trouble. Additionally, many are afraid of Pitbulls since they have a reputation for being aggressive, so many in the comments blamed it on the Pitbull due to this. “They are bred for this,” one person commented.

Image: @wtfisthis211 | TikTok

Since the older ladies with the white dog were causing such a commotion, with one of them on the ground screaming and refusing to get up, some thought that it was probably their dog’s fault. It looked as if the little dog had a harness, but it was not being used properly, suggesting that it was their dog’s fault that caused the scramble. One person noted that “the little dog was not on a leash and the big dog was and was just standing there. on a leash. I watch out for little dogs, not Pitbulls.”

Although some defended the ladies who seemed to be panicking, saying that they might have been attached to the dog and worried for its safety, many decided that this was another example of a Karen being wild in public. And although Home Depot has a reputation for being dog friendly, some wondered if this indicates that stores should work to not allow non-service animals to prevent things like this.

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