TikTok Creator Goes Viral After Asking if She Should Break Up With Her Boyfriend

This is a toxic relationship for sure.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @a.nnapaige | TikTok

In a viral TikTok causing quite the storm on the app, a young creator who goes by Anna asks if she should break up with her boyfriend and attaches a video she recorded of the two talking. In the video, which is dark and does not disclose the boy’s face, she informs him she is in a lab group with three girls and one boy. This upsets the boyfriend, who asks her to talk to her teacher about it. When she refuses and explains that she does not feel it warrants talking to her teacher, he walks away and slams the door. Now, many on TikTok are encouraging the girl to break up with him, as it is clearly toxic and definitely not a healthy relationship she should be engaging in.


just had this talk with my boyfriend over a guy in my biology lab group. should i break up with him? #toxicboyfriend

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In a follow-up video, she discloses another alarming video where she shares screenshots of the two talking. In the video, you can see she has a few bruises on her knee. He becomes incredibly angry, asking her who gave it to her. When she lets him know that she hit it when she was getting out of a boat, he does not believe her and begins to argue with her, and accuses her of lying. In the caption, she says she feels like it is time to break up with him as it is “too toxic.”


#greenscreen i think im gonna have to break up with him at this point. he’s too toxic

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With millions of views combined, many in the comments were concerned for Anna and encouraged her to leave. One wrote “The insecurity is literally pouring out of him, how does he expect to avoid men for your entire life? Unrealistic.” Others commented that even if he has good characteristics, these were definitely traits of his that would probably only worsen after time. Many say that the sooner you can leave the better, as the behavior might only get more controlling.


rip my fav seat 😭😭😭😭😭 no more laying down in the boat when i hear bow pair drop out #greenscreen

♬ love you like a love song – chillytunees

Although many were expecting and hoping for an update, she has gone back to her regular content of posting boats and has not posted in the last few days. Many were in the comments wishing her well, expecting that her break in content might mean that she is coping with the breakup. Other commenters encouraged the TikToker, with one person who wrote: “from one girl to another, please leave the boy. He is nothing to what you deserve I promise you’ll find better.”