TikTok Creator Goes Viral After Monat Asks Her to Take Down Her Video Mocking the Company

"This is the funniest thing to ever happen to me."
By Savannah Moss
Image: @hattie.rowe | TikTok

In a recent TikTok posted by @Hattie.rowe, or just Hattie, she explains she was asked by a multi-level marketing company to take down an older video of hers that called the company a pyramid scheme. In case you’re unfamiliar, a multi-level marketing company, or MLM for short, is a company operating by recruiting people who sell products for the company, while the recruiters try to do the same under them, creating a “pyramid” formation. The company that Hattie called out is Monat, which has had lawsuits filed against them for hair loss and even scalps becoming itchy and bloody.  One woman even explained that the company had her in a “cultish grip.” Hattie, who posts content warning people about MLM companies and pyramid schemes, posted a video a few months ago in which she refers to Monat as a “scam.”


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In the video, she makes a joke that to join the company you have to “exchange your full head of hair.” The video got some attention, with about six thousand likes, but nowhere near mega-viral as some videos might become on the app. However, Monat reached out to Hattie a few months later and asks her to remove the video, and seems to mistake her as a seller for the company. Hattie posted about this and later updated her audience on what the company wrote.


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The official who wrote Hattie said that they appreciated her “hard work and enthusiasm in building your business and understand certain policies may be unintentionally overlooked.” She said that they then sent her a quick “compliance training.” Interestingly, Hattie was not being sent the content because she called the company a pyramid scheme, but because she mentioned “income” which was outside of their compliance rules. She believes that further shows the scam behind Monet as a company, as they are concerned with how their recruiters discuss income and say that they do not want to be “outed as a pyramid scheme.”


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In another update, she shows viewers the compliance training that she was sent. Instead of discussing income, they can say they felt like they had more “flexibility” or “earned a trip or earned payments towards a car.” People selling Monet were not allowed to say that the “sky’s the limit” or any reference to Covid-19. She even shows a chart that shows 92 percent of sellers are not making any money, but rather losing that money. Though it was an accident Hattie was sent this, she says she is grateful as it gave her the opportunity to shed even more light on MLM companies and the harm that they can do.