TikTok Forms AI Advisory Board, Symphony Collective, with Creators and Brand Representatives

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At the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, TikTok, the popular video-sharing app owned by ByteDance, announced the formation of the Symphony Collective, a task force aimed at exploring the use of generative AI in creative marketing. This initiative underscores TikTok’s commitment to innovation and responsible application of artificial intelligence in digital advertising.

The Symphony Collective comprises a diverse group of content creators, thought leaders from prominent brands such as Mondelez, Wendy’s, and the NBA, and representatives from agencies like OMD, Tinuiti, and VaynerMedia. Their collective mission, as outlined in a TikTok Newsroom post, is to engage in crucial dialogues concerning the development and ethical utilization of AI in creative marketing strategies.

David Ma, a creator involved in the Symphony Collective, expressed enthusiasm about TikTok’s role in fostering collaborations with brands and enhancing creative processes through AI solutions. “TikTok has been a pioneer in providing creative tools that allow me to effectively collaborate with brands and create lasting, long-term relationships,” Ma stated. “I’m honored to be part of The Symphony Collective to help test and build their new creative AI solutions.”

The Symphony Collective draws its name from TikTok’s suite of AI-powered products, highlighted during the TikTok World product symposium at Cannes Lions. Among the innovations discussed are AI dubbing features akin to YouTube’s translation tools and Symphony Digital Avatars, described as generative AI avatars of real people. These avatars offer brands novel options for campaign spokespersons, including fully licensed Stock Avatars and Custom Avatars developed in collaboration with real-world creators.

The TikTok logo is seen on a mobile device screen in this illustration
The TikTok logo is seen on a mobile device screen in this illustration PHOTO: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto / Shutterstock

TikTok’s initiatives in AI reflect broader trends in the tech industry, where companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) are also exploring AI-driven applications. The deployment of AI in creative marketing poses challenges and opportunities, necessitating thoughtful consideration of ethical implications and user experience. The Symphony Collective aims to navigate these complexities by providing feedback on TikTok’s AI initiatives and testing new features before they are rolled out to the broader TikTok community.

As TikTok continues to evolve its platform with AI-driven tools, the Symphony Collective’s role becomes increasingly pivotal. By leveraging insights from creators, brand representatives, and industry experts, TikTok aims to innovate responsibly while maintaining the artistic integrity and user engagement that define its platform.

TikTok is currently celebrating its creators for Pride Month as well featuring new initiatives for the shopping experience and highlighting talent on the popular social media platform. There are more initiatives coming down the rest of the year as well.


The formation of the Symphony Collective at Cannes Lions underscores TikTok’s proactive stance in shaping the future of digital advertising through AI, positioning itself at the forefront of creative innovation in the social media landscape.

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