TikToker Goes Viral After Adding Shoe Inserts to Continue Lying About His Height to His Tinder Date

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Another day, another viral video circulating TikTok making people question what is really real. This time, it involves shoe inserts. In the video, the TikTok user shows how he uses shoe inserts to increase his height, fooling his unsuspecting Bumble date to believe he is actually 6’3. He shows the difference between himself wearing the shoe with an insert and the difference between his actual height, shocking many.


Of course, once the video began to reach more people on the app, there was a clear division. Often, when women wear a lot of makeup and are seen how they look without it, men will claim that this is why they have “trust issues.” So, many women seemed to use this argument to wonder why the shoe inserts would be okay. Some, however, believed that it was the same thing as women wearing makeup and should not be complaining or calling out an unfairness.

Image: @viralheightbooster | TikTok


However, the problem that some commenters seemed to have was that it was being used to deceit and that the person wearing the inserts could not possibly wear the inserts at all times. So, though some agree it might be helpful when wearing to boost confidence, it may not be the best thing to wear when your date thinks you are a different height than you actually are. The account, which has garnered 160 thousand likes on TikTok, aims to sell the shoe inserts to users by giving different scenarios, like men thinking they are too short or being broken up for their shortness. Overall, the account seems to be a marketing ploy and not someone actually deceiving a Tinder date, to many’s relief.


Many noted that though shorter men are sometimes teased for their height, if you have to change something about yourself that is permanent, like height in this case, for someone to like you or be more attracted to you, then it probably is not the right relationship for you. And, many think that wearing the shoe inserts might be worse overall than just accepting your height.


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