TikTok Influencer Opens Up About Online Hate For Her Marriage With a Physically Fit Man

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Image: @aliciamccarvel | TikTok

TikTok influencer Alicia McCarvell garnered 5 million followers on TikTok for her lifestyle and self-love content. As a plus-size woman, she discusses self-love in a society with ever-changing beauty standards, along with comedic posts and updates about her husband. In one video, she says she posted a simple transition style video with her and her husband getting ready for a wedding, which is a common trend for couples. But, when her video went viral, she said it was due to beauty standards and how they dictate that she and her husband “don’t make sense.”


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She says that when the world looks at them, they value Scott more, and try to understand why he is in a relationship with her, showing comments attached to prove her point. With comments saying she must be rich or was thin when she met him, or people even stating that he was gay, it was evident that McCarvell was receiving hate due to her size. She says this is due to the world teaching people that their worth is valued by their size. “We’ve been made to believe that physically fit people would never in a million years be in love with a fat person,” she says on her TikTok.



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Many applauded McCarvel and her honesty and vulnerability in her post, which has over 3.5 million likes. “So well said & spoken. I just don’t really have words for how cruel ppl can be. You & Scott are both beautiful humans & love that you found one another,” one person commented. Another noted “I literally am appalled by the response you get! I see a beautiful couple who loves each other and have immense value individually and as a couple .”



Although McCarvell did not seem to take the comments to heart and is often able to cope with humor, nobody deserves to be badgered online with heartless comments that decided her husband must not actually love her. But, awareness of this ongoing issue in our culture is one of the ways to hopefully change the way we were taught and affect the way people treat others in the future.

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