TikTok is Getting Creative With Christmas Lists This Year

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The time of year has come around again for digital culture to influence what everyone wants for the holidays. This year, however, TikTok users are getting creative with largely memeable and comedic holiday wish lists. A viral audio of a child named Kevin Gabor, who posts TikToks with the help of his father under the username @k3veng3r, suggesting that something would make the “perfect gift for Christmas, just saying” in a comically inquisitive tone has now soundtracked thousands of videos across the platform, with much of Gen Z having a variety of wishes this Christmastime.


@Dawson Ritchie805

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Surprisingly, social media users are less interested in TikTok shop’s highly favored products, and more interested in simply having a break from their daily responsibilities and struggles. Some ask for the basic necessities of toothpaste and toiletries in lieu of gifts due to their tight post-college grad budgets, while others hope to get their situationships to commit to them under the mistletoe this year.


i can’t do another talking stage that goes nowhere #fyp #foryou #trending #foryoupage #viral #relatable

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Others are roping their parents into the trend, joking that their parents turn literally anything they ask for in the month of December into a Christmas gift, whether it be items they left behind in college dorms or school supplies like pricey calculators.


“ a perfect stocking stuffer” #relatable #motherdaughter #motherdaughterduo #christmas #christmasgifts #stockingstuffers #stockingstuffergifts

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Elsewhere, some continue to manifest experiences, from traveling to their dream destinations to meeting their favorite celebrities or seeing their favorite artists live in concert. 2023 marked Ticketmastergate, and they continue to control the majority of ticketing in the United States, resulting in exorbitant processing fees, long lines, and highly exclusive pre sales. The major global ticketing conglomerate was investigated by the senate this year for potentially violating anti-trust laws. Hence, concert tickets that are difficult to come by really would be the perfect gift for Christmas.


Like ill wait till the 18 if you get me them on christmas man i swear #fyp

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In the meantime, some other TikTok users also jokingly hope to live out the plot of some of this year’s biggest television shows. Notably, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and “My Life With The Walter Boys” captivated vast audiences. The love triangle between two brothers and the same love interest trope is nothing new in the teen soap universe, though it has remained steadfast in the cultural zeitgeist since the 2010s when the CW first aired “The Vampire Diaries.”


please please please 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #mylifewiththewalterboys #thesummeriturnedpretty #teamconrad #conradfisher #colewalter #teamcolewalter #twobrotherstrope #booktok #foryoupage

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Additionally, some are using their Christmas lists to manifest their hopes and goals for the new year as a pre-resolutions ritual of sorts. Some hope to make it big as digital creators in 2024, or move ahead in their academic and professional careers. After a year of tumultuous events in global politics and pop culture alike, many are not taking any chances on the new year ahead.


I mean this would just be ideal #fyp #christmas #santa

♬ original sound – fanumsgyattpeekingclub


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (complete with the perfect priceless gifts, just saying).

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