TikTok Creator Reveals She Was Assigned a 52-Year-Old Roommate as an 18-Year-Old at Her College Apartment

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TikTok creator @Thefelecitybost, Felicity, posted that she received a notice letting her know that her roommate assigned at her college apartment is 52, and she is 18. The TikTok automatically received a lot of attention and views, with many people agreeing that they would not be happy about that situation for their college experience. With over 8,000 comments, many poured in with support for the 18-year-old to succeed counsel in order to be roomed with someone closer to age.


I’m still in shock and can’t get over it

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The TikTok, with 430 thousand likes, came as a surprise to many commenters, who all agreed they would rather not room with someone so much older than them. Many go to college in seek of friends, and often many people’s first college friends are their roommates. Many also wondered what issues the age difference could bring, as clashing personalities or schedules can brew arguments between roommates. On TikTok, we have definitely seen a fair share of roommate drama and roommate horror stories. One commenter wrote “That’s not the college experience I’d want either. If I wanted to live with old people at 18 I would have stayed home or rented off-campus.” Many agreed with this, saying that the college apartments were meant to group people in similar age groups and life experiences, something that many freshmen seek when living on campus.

Image: @thefelicitybost | TikTok

Many in the comments also had similar experiences, and so far, none of them have been good. Due to the age difference, many commenters said that they felt a power imbalance and were often parented by the other roommate. One person on TikTok wrote that there were often “screaming matches” because she did not behave or act the way the roommate preferred. Others wondered what a 52-year-old would be seeking by living with college students, and many wondered what kind of safety issues this could present.

Image: @Thefelicitybost | TikTok

Many encouraged Felicity to fight this, as it is not what she had in mind when signing up to live in a college apartment. Felicity did not have an update for this yet, but in her comments, she said that she would provide a storytime and an update soon, which many TikTok users are eagerly awaiting.

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