Viral TikTok Shows the Reality of Being a New York Model

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Image: @Annavgantt | TikTok

In a recent video on TikTok, a model from New York cries and opens up about the strict policies regarding her body in the modeling industry. Anna Gantt, who is 22, explains that she was asked to lose weight by a producer and casting agent. Gantt has been modeling since 2014, where she was a teenager, and has gained 35 pounds between now and then, resulting in going from a size 0/2 to a 4/6.


Welcome to the reality of modeling in NYC. I’m so crushed. #fyp #nyc #modeling #fashion #model #nyclife

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In the video, she sits down and cries and explains that she is “shit on every day because I am not a skeleton and I am not unhealthy anymore.” She also explains that she struggled with an eating disorder and has recently gained confidence, which obviously is hard to do in an industry that demands one size and one size only. She also explains that she believes that living in the city of New York holds a lot of standards, explaining that it will “make you hate yourself.” In the now-viral TikTok video, Gantt emphasizes the fact that she is still very thin and has a very thin frame, but the casting directors want her to be thinner, which is incredibly unhealthy not only for her but also any woman in the industry or other women who believe that this should be the beauty standard. Gantt also claims that they told her they “wanted to see her bones.” The comments came in immediate support for Gantt, praising her for deciding to speak out and say enough is enough. In fact, many brands and celebrities commented on their support as well.

Image: @annavgantt | TikTok

However, the internet is home to both positive and negative people, so there were some negative comments as to be expected. One person commented that it was not fair to call people who are size 0/2 a skeleton, and another noted that though the modeling industry is toxic, Gantt should work on not needing validation from others and find it within.


Image: @Annavgantt| TikTok

As far as hate goes, however, there seemed to be few to no comments that were negative. Many were in support of Gantt and her message that the industry is toxic and needs to change and that Gantt is brave for posting and being vulnerable about her struggles with an eating disorder. Gantt has not been active on social media as of late, but many are hoping she is taking a well-deserved break from social media.

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