Viral TikTok Sparks Debate About Sexism and Professionalism After Student Teacher is Dress Coded Multiple Times

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image: @meimonstaa | TikTok

In a TikTok video making its way through the app, the creator @meimonstaa, who goes by Mei Mei, shares the outfits she wore for student teaching and shows which ones got her dress code. In the video, she noted that she had been having troubles lately with the dress code and if she were to be dress coded one more time she would be removed from the program. In other videos, she notes that if she were to be kicked out of the program she currently is in, she would have to start over and would be unable to graduate until the next year.

After the creator showcased which outfits got her in trouble, many were surprised. In one instance, she was wearing a t-shirt paired with dress pants and a cardigan, and she was dress-coded because t-shirts were only allowed on spirit days. Another outfit included her wearing pleather leggings, which she admitted she could see the issue with, but many believed the school probably had other things to worry about. Other outfits, however, seemed perfectly fine, like a long sweater dress paired with leggings. Mei Mei noted that she was not being told what was wrong with her outfits, only being informed that they were not “appropriate.” An email exchange was even sent to her college due to this.


Hopefully this one won’t get dress coded ????

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Many in the comments shared Mei Mei’s confusion, noting that her outfits were cute, modest, and professional. Commenters noted that they were aware there was a dress code for students often enforced in school but did not realize it could be so strict for the teachers as well. Concerns about sexism definitely arose in the comments, as one person explained that “I feel like their constant dress coding is misogynistic and feels targeted.” Many agreed with this sentiment and agreed that in times right now where schools are in desperate need of teachers due to the recent shortage from the pandemic, it was not a time to be threatening someone’s graduation over dress code, especially since the offenses seemed pretty mild.


Today ????

♬ original sound – Mei Mei

Now, Mei Mei often keeps her followers updated as she shows her outfits and confirms if she was dress-coded or not. Many fear for her, often wishing her luck or trying to warn her if they feel like the outfit might not go over well with the school.


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