TikTok Thinks This Nine Month Cruise Should Have Been Televised As A Reality Show

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Loose lips certainly are not sinking this ship. Royal Caribbean is offering an ultimate world cruise that takes passengers through 60 countries over the course of nine months. Now, passengers continue to allege that pseudo governmental organizations are forming onboard, racism and class divides emerge, and secret societies are forming. The internet’s eye turned to the cruise after a TikTok user named Brooklyn (@brooklynschwetje) posted a video tour of the ship, the Serenade of the Seas. The extravagant tour immediately sparked conversation.

The Serenade of the Seas will embark on travels in the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Mediterranean and “Europe and beyond.” It is expected to return to Miami, Florida, in September 2024. Ticket prices currently range from  $53,999 per person to $117,599 per person for the full voyage, with some tickets still available for specific segments of the trip.


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Maritime travel for such lengths of time is now typically kept to a minimum outside of industrial work, with the invention of aviation leading travelers to turn to planes as a faster method of travel. Cruise ship vacations have never gone out of style, but voyages of multiple months like the ultimate world cruise were kept to a minimum until now. Especially, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when the tight quarters of a ship were deemed unsafe for the transmission of the virus, cruises hit an all time low.

Now, TikTok and X are offering commentary on just how exclusive such a feat really is. Upon the rumors emerging from passengers onboard the current voyage, many are calling for a reality show based on the ship.

Some introduce “the main characters” of the reality show that is becoming the cruise.



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Cruisegate Is A Sinking Ship

TikTok creators are already entreating passengers to continue to spill all the drama about the on-deck happenings.


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Many onlookers are simply shocked that so many people could afford to abandon their lives for nine months to isolate onto a ship around the world. Some passengers have claimed that they intend to work remotely from the ship so as to afford the steep costs. A number of travel vloggers have alleged that they reached out to passengers on board the ship, and confirmed that the anonymous guests have mentioned that the Pinnacle members are receiving significantly better benefits and treatment on board than any guests only participating in a segment of the cruise. The “segmenters” are guests who will only be onboard for certain regions of the cruise instead of the full nine months. Many of them feel they are not getting their money’s worth with their current treatment.


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Another passenger named Joe confirmed that the first passenger has prematurely left the ship due to a back injury after only 11 days of being onboard. The quick jump to leaving the expensive endeavor altogether has left some wondering just how much medical assistance is really available on such a lengthy voyage.



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A woman named Brandee Lake (@iambrandeelake) claimed that a number of the other passengers and crew members asked her if she was working on the boat, with some even questioning how she could afford such an experience. In the caption, Lake elaborated that the comments felt especially targeted, as she is one of few Black passengers onboard with her family.


The first few days definitely had some bumps… Apparently it seemed far fetched to some that a Black woman (and family) could be a guest on the once in a lifetime experience. #ultimateworldcruise #serenadeoftheseas #aroundtheworldcruise #RoyalCaribbean #melaninatsea #blackworldcruiser

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Royal Caribbean is yet to comment on cruisegate at this time, or the allegations of exclusivity and racism coming from the passengers.

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