TikToker Claims Interrupting Women While They Read is the Key to Picking Up Women

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Image: Guzel Maksutova | Unsplash and @johnnytsunamean

In a recent viral TikTok, @johnnytsunamean says that in order to find a “cute English major wifey,” you can find them reading at libraries or bookstores. He then says asking what they’re reading is the key to initiating a conversation. Although the TikToker probably meant no harm, many in the comments agreed that it was probably best to leave the girls reading alone and to not interrupt them. In his caption, he says “I shouldn’t even be telling y’all this forbidden technique,” suggesting that this might have worked before for him and others he knows, but many in the commenters were not recommending this.


I shouldn’t even be telling y’all this forbidden technique #foryoupage #fyp #relationships #dating

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“Don’t interrupt her if she’s reading,” one person noted. Another agreed, saying to be respectful at libraries where many people are going to be quiet or unbothered. Some said that if you come up to them while they’re browsing for books, or not actively reading at the moment you approach them, this could work. But, not many people enjoy being interrupted while they are reading. “Perhaps people in their element don’t want to be bothered,” another person wrote.


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For example, one person online gained attention on TikTok after asking out the girl across from her at the library. But, instead of interrupting the girl’s work, she passed her a note. A lot of people online liked this idea, as it did not actively distract or disturb someone who might be busy. “love this for you both omg I hope you have a great date!!!” one commenter wrote after an update said that the girl had said yes.


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It seems some people online like partners who read for fun so it makes sense that people would approach women at bookstores or libraries to ask them what they are reading in order to initiate a conversation. And although some said they would like this, as they are always happy to discuss their current reads, others maintained the position that they would like to be left alone while reading in public.


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