TikToker Claims She Was Kicked Out By the Father of Her Child After She Filmed His Bathroom in Viral Video

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Image: @bannedd.shenellaradonich | TikTok

If you frequent TikTok, you might be aware of the trend where people rate different things, like their rooms or different places they might visit. This TikToker participated by showcasing her “baby daddy’s” bathroom and giving it a rating. In the video, she shows a messy bathroom, pointing out things like a lack of soap, stray pieces of hair, a dirty toilet, and an overall lack of cleanliness. But, the video soon went viral with over 700 thousand views, and she claims that both he and his family kicked her out due to the video.


In a follow-up, she says that she was staying with the family due to being in an accident, but they took the video the “wrong way” and kicked her and her children out. She posts this video teary-eyed and clearly upset and says she was planning on cleaning the bathroom. But, not many people were sympathetic with her, saying that she posted the video to “expose” or “humiliate” him. “If my brother’s GF posted that abt our house I’d be mad too,” one person commented. Others, however, felt bad, saying she was just participating in a trend and probably did not know how much traction the video would have created.


In follow-up videos, she showed other videos that did the same thing she did, with the bathrooms being just as dirty, if not more, which is why she thought it would be okay to participate in the trend. According to other videos, the father ended up asking her to come back, which she refused as she said it was not healthy. Many in the comments were supportive of this, since he was the one that wanted her to leave and did not defend her.




“If he cared that much he should be the one stepping up and leaving his family to be with “HIS” new family. Stay strong babe,” one person commented. Overall, the situation seemed to stem from a miscommunication that blew up, but many believed that it probably was not appropriate to post his dirty bathroom online but the appropriate response probably didn’t include kicking her out.

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