TikToker Creates Fake Hickeys to Keep Guys Away

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A TikToker was tired of creepy gym guys coming up to her and ‘trying’ to teach her new gym hacks when all she wanted was to be left alone. So, she came up with a hack for women who just want to be left alone at the gym and it worked!


In the video you see user @blackmarketbagelsociety0 shocked that this simple hack has warded off any and all creepy guys at the gym. She applied makeup along random spots on her neck to make it look like a hickey and no guy has attempted to cone up to her yet. It makes you think how far women have to go to avoid unwanted attention from guys in everyday life, especially at gyms.

Creepy guys coming up to you trying to flirt by saying they are trying to correct your form when they are just flirting, but you don’t want that. You came to the gym to exercise and that’s it, but some guys do not take the hint. This hack makes it seem you are ‘taken’ by another and they will leave you alone.


Reply to @raskandrew that’s the whole point #howdy #sillygoose

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Why do women have to take these steps in the first place? Oh, it’s because most men will literally respect an imaginary man that gave a woman a ‘hickey’ more than just simply respecting a woman when she is just trying to exercise at the gym. When will this stop, these extra cautionary steps women have to take every single day all in the name of being safe? The fact of the matter is the lengths women should not have to go through on a daily basis so they can keep going on with their daily tasks in life.

If you want creepy gym guys to leave you alone try this hack and see if it works!


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