TikToker Finds out He is Rejected from Job in a CC’D Email

Job searching can be rough.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Noveltygay | TikTok

Have you ever interviewed for a job you really wanted, but never heard back? Or maybe you never even got past your application and never heard back? This TikToker might succeed in making you feel better: he received the disappointing news in a CC’D email discussing why he was unfit for the job. The TikToker, Alexander, had a sense of humor about it and wrote in his caption “Yeah, breakups hurt but have y’all ever been CC’D on HR emails talking about why they didn’t want to hire you?”


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With almost 150 thousand likes and over a thousand comments, many on TikTok were eager for storytime or an update on this pickle of a situation, which Alexander did give. In the update, he explains that he was not given the job because they thought in the past, he did not show up for an interview and was a no-call/no-show. He clarifies, with proof of the messages, that the hiring manager was going to reach out with times for the interview, but failed to do so, and Alexander never heard back.

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Alexander notes that though he tried to clarify with the coffee shop, the company has gone silent and has not since responded. Many people noted that the owner was nice, but he responded that he did not care if the owner was nice, especially since the team’s disorganization cost him a job. However, Alexander seems to have moved on since then and is using humor to cope with the situation.


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In his original post, author Hank Green comforted him by saying that he was once “visiting my girlfriend at her work and I sat in the break room while two people talked about how bad my cover letter was.” He later posted this comment saying that after Hank Green commented on his post, he can “only go down from here.” So, in case you are facing hard times with job applications or interviews, maybe these two stories can make you feel better about your situation.