TikToker Goes Viral after a Man Berates Her When She Threatened to Send His Girlfriend Screenshots of Him Flirting with Her

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Posted by @dilfsaremyweakness4life on TikTok, this user shared what happened online when she told a boy who was flirting with her she would tell his girlfriend. In the video, where she shares the messages, the man tells her that he must “wife” her up. This creator, however, did not hesitate to threaten to send the messages to the man, who had a girlfriend. After seeing this, his reaction changes completely, and calls her “jealous” along with a derogatory name for women and complained that you “can’t even be nice to girls anymore.”


Many were quick to jump to this creator’s defense, especially since she did the right thing in not letting someone in a relationship continuously flirt with her. One person wrote, “Where do men find the audacity?” Others noted that if he was really being nice to her, and not flirting as she suspected, then he would have no problem with the messages being sent to the girlfriend. Others, however, were not so nice, with one joking that a “wife is different than a girlfriend.” The creator was quick to shut this down as well. Since many were eager to see the girlfriend’s response, the creator soon posted an update for her followers.


However, when the girlfriend was sent the messages from the creator, the girlfriend says that she was told that his brother had taken his phone and sent the messages, so she believed that the boyfriend was not the one who sent the original messages. This confused many commenters, as this seems to be the oldest trick in the book and definitely not believable. Although the creator definitely didn’t believe her, she says she sent her well wishes because she has been in a situation where she believes someone because she did not want to believe they did a horrible thing. Many in the comments felt for her as well and hoped that she would soon realize he was lying to her and would be able to move on.


Overall, this creator’s content seems to showcase a lot of men treating a woman they met online not very nicely, with tons of comments from people also relating to this issue as well. In the end, many thought that it was unfortunate that the girlfriend did not want to believe the creator, but still believed she did the right thing by sending her the screenshot.


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