TikToker Goes Viral After Saying Her Babysitter Fell Asleep and Sparks a Debate

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Image: @Daniemariemt | TikTok

In a recent viral video from TikTok creator Danielle or @daniemariemt on the app, she wonders if she is overreacting when she found out that her babysitter fell asleep on the job. In the video, which accumulated 1.4 million views, she explains her babysitter fell asleep while watching the child, despite only being gone for three hours and arriving home at 9 PM. Danielle explains her child is 10 months old and found that the babysitter was asleep as her son slept through cameras installed. She notes how this is her first child and the first time she let someone not in her immediate family watch over him, so she feels she might be overreacting due to first-time parent jitters.


After fearing that the baby would cry and the babysitter would not wake up to hear it, she says that she and her husband returned home. “She’s watching our son, but she’s asleep. But he’s also asleep. But he’s only ten months, and I don’t know if she would hear him if he woke up and started crying,” she says, admitting that she was a bit panicked. To clarify, she says it took a while for the babysitter to wake up and also did not have the sound monitor on.


Of course, with a viral video like this, the responses were a bit mixed. Some asked if the babysitter was aware that she was being watched by cameras as if she was not aware this would be a clear invasion of privacy. Danielle clarifies that the cameras were very much in the open and showed examples of how easily you could see the cameras. Some believed that this was completely normal and since the baby was asleep, it was probably okay for her to be asleep too. “Dad of 5 here. Unless your child has some at-risk medical condition, it’s fine for the babysitter to sleep. IMO.”


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Others, however, noted that while falling asleep while babysitting is probably normal, she should have at least made sure to have the sound monitor on just in case. “If the kid(s) are asleep, it is normal for the babysitter to fall asleep. However, the monitor should have been on and turned all the way up.” It seemed that the consensus was if the sound monitor was being used correctly, it was fine for the babysitter to sleep if the baby is also sleeping. So, some felt as if she was overreacting, as she rushed home, but others understood her concern and did not blame her for it.


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