TikToker Explains Unusual Standoff with Extremist Group Claiming Her Home

A group of men broke into this woman's house, changed the keys, and claimed it was theirs.
By Savannah Moss

Posted on TikTok last week, user @regblackgrl, Shanetta, has posted her unusual standoff with Moorish Sovereign Citizens and has kept many people on TikTok invested. Shanetta first posts a video 3 days ago, explaining that the SWAT team has been trying to negotiate a man who forcibly moved into her house that she recently bought.


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She explains in another video, which has since received almost 100 thousand likes, that a man sawed off the keys for her home and made his own keys and has been occupying the house since. She has since posted 49 videos explaining the 12-hour events of being able to have her house back. She explains that she has not been living at her recently bought house as it is being renovated. When she arrived, she noticed her keys had been changed and she was very confused.

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The Backstory

Shanetta explains to her audience that in May, she had received a letter printed on copy paper that claimed she purchased a home that was being claimed by someone with connections to the Moorish Sovereign Citizens. They also stated that she would have to surrender her newly purchased home. Moorish Sovereign Citizens are part of a group that was created in the ’90’s and are extremists who believe they have special rights due to a 1780s treaty with Morocco and African Americans originally from the Americas.  When she took these letters to a lawyer, they informed her that they had no legal bearings and it was a scam.


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Shanetta notes that the police she called treated the people who broke in as squatters, which she knew wasn’t true. Although she hadn’t officially been living there due to renovations, she walked the property every week and notes they could not have been there longer than a few days. When the police spoke with the intruders, they gave the same story as the piece of paper Shanetta received claiming that this is their ancestral home, and the police denied the legality of the pieces of paper and called them “bullshit” according to Shanetta. It then took 30 to 40 minutes for the man to come out as he refused. He also said that he was free of being subject to law due to his status as a Moorish Sovereign Citizen. Eventually, he was removed from the home and the locks were changed after breaking the door in. Shanetta will still have to go into the police station to file charges against him.