TikToker Jesus Acevedo Discusses His Rapid Growth at His First Vidcon

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Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for Status PR

Jesus Acevedo gained 1.5 million followers and has over 200 million likes for his content where he starts his videos off by greeting viewers with “hello, comrades!” His comedic content is especially relatable for Mexican viewers living in America. At Vidcon, we spoke to him about his first Vidcon experience, his rapid TikTok growth, and his online platform.


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Q) Is this your first time being around a lot of other creators or like talent like in a big setting like this?

A): Yes. Especially with COVID. Obviously,  there haven’t been a lot of events for like a bunch of creators to go to. But it’s been fun. I like it. It’s odd seeing them though, in person.

Q): You’ve been on TikTok for quite a few years… and so it’s kind of been like an explosive growth for you. How did that become a thing? 

A): I don’t even know I kind of just kept on posting and people kept on following me I was like, okay, period, but I noticed that usually when I would post about like, my experiences, like being like Mexican, and like things growing up in my house and things I thought that was funny. 

Q): So does your family really understand a lot of like, what you’re going through, like with your online platform, or like what you speak to other people?

A): No. my family’s very old school, and I have a 10-year age gap between me and my closest sibling, my parents didn’t think they could have kids anymore, and then I popped up. So a lot of things they don’t understand. But they deal with it. They’re not super accepting of Tiktok cause they’re also very, like, much conservative, like, Don’t post things on social media, that I came up with the most extroverted child that they have. So I’m like, I think it’s funny, and I’m gonna post it.

Image: Jesus Acevedo +and Andy Lalwani pictured at Vidcon 2022.


Q): Your content is in two languages. Do you ever have like, any thought about when you’re making content in which language you’re gonna speak? Or is it just based on like, what you’re feeling in the moment?

A) Usually, it’s what I’m feeling like, if it’s a talking video, I speak a lot of Spanglish. So obviously, I can like if I know I’m speaking to someone who only speaks English, I’ll stick with English. If I know someone only speaks Spanish I’ll stick with Spanish, but if I know they can speak both I’ll just, like, let my brain go crazy and like, pick words that it wants to choose. Because I feel like that’s what people also know me for it there, I get a lot of comments saying like, Oh, like, I don’t really like Spanglish, but I like the way like that you speak and I’m like, Thank you, I guess I’m like, I’m gonna take that as a compliment.


Q): Being a young space, a lot of people ask, like, what is next, like, what do you currently think about when it comes to the next stage of your life, whether it’s being online or not?

A): Well, I go to school, I’m a Communications major, I want to be in public relations. But I also really want to do social media, but obviously like you never know, like things rise and fall. So I’m like, I have my education as my backup that I just want to see where like life takes me. I heard this speaker yesterday say some things and it really stuck with me. It’s like you can either be like a sailboat or a speedboat. So, in the way she just- she like, oh, you can like put a goal and like go straight for it or you can kind of just let the wind take you like a sailboat and that’s what I kind of like, like, I don’t like planning things out that much. And I kind of just like, wherever things go, like, everything’s gonna be good at the end of the day. So like, what I want to be in a movie, maybe what I want to not do anything.

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