TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Faces Backlash for Saying Influencing Is a Hard Job

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Is influencing a hard job? That’s the question going around TikTok as Beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s old video complaining about the job resurfaces.

Nogueira, who has over 13 million TikTok followers, was criticized and called “out of touch” for complaining about her work day ending at 5:19 in an edited clip posted by @ilovewater2001.


She’s such a hard worker ???? condolences, Mikayla. #mikaylanogueira #mikaylaxglamlitepahttwo

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“Literally just finished working, it’s 5:19 — try being an influence for a day, try it,” she says before the TikTok cuts to a montage of her showing off designer purses.

In the full video of the clip used in @ilovewater2001’s video, Nogueira is responding to a comment telling her to “report to a job 9-5”. She explains her busy day of filming, editing, and marketing meetings. This video, originally posted in 2021, has since been deleted from Nogueira’s account.


Replying to @ilovewater2001 #mikaylanogueira

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Still, some TikTok users find influencers complaining about their job to be insensitive to working-class people. Nogueira’s comments about finishing work at five pm feels grossly out of touch to them.



The video spurs multiple videos of other creators and influencers weighing in on if their job is hard and whether or not it’s okay to be complaining about it online. One creator, Wisdom Kaye made a video agreeing that influencing is not a hard job, stating, “any influencer who tells you this job is hard, is either lying or just straight up lazy”.

“You get to decide how long your shift is, you get to decide everything about your job. you’re literally your own boss,” Kaye continues in the video which garnered 6 million views, “…I seriously think anybody who thinks this job is hard probably just lacks real self-awareness”.


it can be hard but it’s not the type of hard that you get online and complain about

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Creator @princess_milkyy, who Kaye responds to in his video, understands why influencers might feel like the job is difficult but doesn’t think they should publically complain about it.

“Of course, you think it’s hard, it’s your job. That’s how a job works,” she says in her video,”…My job could be sitting on the couch watching Tv [and] I’m still gonna complain”.

Nogueira has yet to post on her TikTok account since the clip surfaced nearly a week ago.

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