TikToker Posts Hacks for Cheap Airline Tickets

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Travel Hack Alert!

Booking a flight can sometimes feel like a chore you do not want to do with the cost and extras fees. Making it feel like the entire flight costs an arm and a leg but with some tips from this travel TikToker, you could possibly get flights super affordable and cheap!


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Wait isn’t more expensive to buy tickets from the airport?

This users’ hacks have been spread all over TikTok with the unbelievable ways you can save on traveling from booking your ticket, to booking your hotel room, and even places to eat.  Flying can be a very tricky task with the long waits and through the roof prices when trying to get to a certain destination. The trickiness alone is enough to steer most people away from flying, but with her hacks, it will make you mad that you didn’t find about it before.


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In the video above she explains how much you can save from buying your flight ticket at the airport itself. Buying at the airport could drop the price by even hundreds of dollars just by simply going to the airport to buy them for future flights. As evidence, she showed her purchased ticket in the video that went down all the way to $32.80.

This hack can only be used with specific carriers like Spirit, Allegiant, and Frontier who are already known for their cheap and affordable airline tickets.  In comparison to some of the bigger carriers like Delta, this hack may not work as well, but as long as you don’t mind flying the cheaper airlines this hack is perfect for you. Even with the extra costs that airports try snd charge you for your luggage, she has hacks for that also. Check out her page for more hacks on everything travel-related!


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Next time, you are thinking of booking any of your future flights see how much you can save by using user @mcmilliansonthego hack.

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