TikToker Posts Viral Video After Her Patient Died and Sparks Controversy

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Image: olivia_tyler33 | TikTok

In a now-deleted TikTok that went viral and sparked quite the controversy online, a nurse named Olivia filmed her emotional reaction to finding out she lost a patient. As an emotional ballad plays in the background, the video showcases how she shakes the emotional reaction off due to having five more hours left in her shift. And although she probably posted it to show the realities behind being a nurse, especially in a hospital, many people criticized her for wanting attention and using a deceased patient for media attention.


#stitch with @olivia_tylerr33 Alright I just had to. #stitch #WTF #why? #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU #FORDfortheBuilders #fyp

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After the video was deleted, most likely due to the surplus of negative attention, many people began to stitch the video with their own thoughts. While some people used the video opportunity to create a joke, especially to highlight how the video came off to some, one person noted that it did not bother him the way it bothered other people. He noted that this nurse obviously felt a connection to the patient, which he felt was a special and important thing for a nurse to do and cannot always be done. “thank you, Olivia. Thank you nurses that really care. We see you, we need you, and we love you. Can’t speak for everyone else,” he wrote in his post.


#stitch with @olivia_tylerr33 thank you Olivia. Thank you nurses that really care. We see you, we need you, and we love you. Can’t speak for everyone else but on behalf of the Yi family ❤️

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Some people, however, obviously did not feel the same. Many pointed out how the family would probably feel weird seeing a nurse use their family member’s death as an opportunity to gain attention online. Olivia’s page and the post have both disappeared online, although it is not clear why. “she did this for clicks and views,” one person responded, referring to people saying that she is most likely actual grieving for the patient and the video’s implications did not come off as she had intended.


#stitch with @olivia_tylerr33

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Overall, the video did not sit well with many people online. She is not the first person as a doctor or nurse to make this type of content, which then went viral and was heavily criticized, but many people still felt uncomfortable with someone posting this type of content in the first place.


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