TikToker Says Restaraunt Segregated their Black and White Customers

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The TikToker posted a clip showing a Texas restaurant and you wouldn’t think anything of it, that nothing was wrong that is until she said something about it.


Soooo all one color on one side and the others in the larger area?! …. I can’t make this up. #segregation #wow #texas #foryou #fyp #foryoupage

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Segregation in this day and age?!?

In the video, she immediately notices that something is wrong with how people were being seated. TikToker @trinity comedy noticed that Black guests and White guests were being seated away from each other and in totally different sections. One section was just Black guests and the other section was near the suitcase, the seemingly nicer area is only filled with White guests. The video quickly gaining over 40,000 views makes you think as a society are we actually past this era where some believe one race is higher than the other. The TikToker exclaims in the video, “All one color on one side and the others in the larger area!”

As a Black woman in America, noticing this type of ‘separation’ among guests you think right away segregation. The period of time where being a Black person in America meant because they looked different they weren’t allowed or afforded the same basic human decencies like sitting down with other people. So, seeing this in this day and age questions the progress of today’s society.

Is She Over Reaching?

After the video was posted she faced backlash from White commentators saying she is over ‘reaching.’




Insinuating that this TikToker is over ‘reaching’ that this particular Texas restaurant was not segregating their guests, and in a response posted another video explaining herself. Saying, from her perspective as a Black woman in America and the experiences she carries with her when noticing something like this what else is there to think. There was outrage from the Black community after posting the video of the restaurant and rightfully so wondering how this is allowed.

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