TikToker Says She Only Gets Her Plants From Taking Leaves From Establishments

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This TikToker, whose name is Rae, admits that although she has quite the plant collection, she has only bought one plant. Instead, she takes the leaves off of plants and then propagates them, meaning she plants the leaves and grows them from there. In a viral video, she is seen taking the leaf off of a plant, with a voiceover saying “When someone asks where do you get all of your plants.” This video quickly went viral, with over 380 thousand likes as people react to this confession.


Honestly proud to say I’ve only bought one plant

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Some in the comments were surprised, as they did not realize you can grow plants so easily from leaves. Others, however, definitely did not approve of this, since it is technically stealing. One person commented that this was a “big no-no in the plant community.” Others said that they thought this was appropriate to do to big corporations like Home Depot but to not steal leaves from small plant businesses.


I love me plants but I’m low-key killing them all

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Rae has quite the collection that she showcases on her TikTok, even joking that her house is becoming a greenhouse. Honestly, some were impressed with her ability to cover her house in full-grown plants, as some lack the patience to do so and opt for buying them so they’re already grown. Many did not see an issue, as technically plants often need to be trimmed in order to continue to grow. And, even if the leaves were taken prematurely, the plant will grow back and she did not take anything noticeable. One person wrote, “Y’all do realize people who own plants pick their plants all the time to manage growth/promote new growth lol it’s not damaging.” Others joked about the “plant police” and how they were upset with her for taking someone else’s leaves.


Love my green babies

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Although some thought you should only take leaves if they’ve fallen off, instead of picking or cutting them off, others did not see an issue with Rae’s plant habit. Overall, the videos were divided, but it did not seem to change Rae’s position on how she will supply herself with plants.


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