TikToker Shows Photos of Her Ex-Husband and Former Nanny Sitting Suspiciously Close in This Viral Video

This TikTok made some people very skeptical of nannies.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Ibizadaze | TikTok

If there’s one thing about TikTok users, it’s that they’ll tell you if they think you’re being cheated on. In a viral video by Natalie, or @Ibizadaze on TikTok, she shared a photo of her ex-husband and their nanny while riding the beloved “Splash Mountain” at Disney. But, some things were a bit odd, as she pointed out. In the photo, the ex and the nanny are cuddled together while going down the ride. Natalie confirmed that this was only one photo of many, and TikTok was not shy to confirm her fears.


We went to Disneyland in Orlando and took the nanny with us. To help with the kids…. Not the husband #divorcetok #divorcediaries #exhusband

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The video soon went viral, with over 1 million views in just a few days. Many noted that they looked very cuddled together, and if they hadn’t known better, would have assumed the wife was the nanny. “I just don’t know how I’d ever recover from that. It’s just too unfair. They are so wrong” one person commented. There were also several former or current nannies chiming in to say that this was definitely not normal, as one person writes “as a former live-in nanny and now a mother, this infuriates me for you. it’s not hard to NOT do that!”


New drinking game #divorcetok #divorcedwomen #healing #exhusband #over30 #momtokover30

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But, in a slight investigation of Natalie’s older posts, she discusses that her ex-husband and ex-nanny recently have a new baby, joking that she was coping through drinking.  And in another, she shares the story that her husband did in fact leave her for the nanny. Now, looking at the photos at Disneyland, many found it strange that the two did not even have the shame to hide it, especially knowing there would be a photo. Natalie has not been shy to share her experience as a divorced woman on TikTok, often tagging it the “#divorceddiaries” on TikTok.


True story. Never hiring a nanny again #divorcetok #over30 #exhusband #singlemom #fyp #viral

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Now, it seems many on TikTok are saying that they would never get a nanny that is under sixty. “You were too nice. Never get a young nanny. Always get an old grandma” one person wrote. But, since many people are younger nannies, some wonder if it was young nannies that were the problem or if it was the husbands. Either way, this definitely changed perspectives on nannies for some on TikTok.