TikToker Tells Viral Story About Guy Trying To Spike His Date’s Drink

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This viral TikTok is one you need to see. This TikToker named Cassie has gained millions of followers for chronicling her life as a beverage cart girl at a country club. This includes telling stories just like this viral video that has over 4.4 million views.


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Cassie shares a story how she approached a man and a woman on the golf course and asked them if they wanted something to drink. The woman ordered coffee while the man ordered a cocktail. Cassie then goes on to share how the man did not like that his date didn’t order any alcohol so then he proceeded to try and pressure Cassie to put a show of Bailey’s in her coffee without the date knowing.

He was apparently so persistent that Cassie eventually asked why he was trying so hard to get his date to drink. she says he responded saying “Oh no we’ve dating awhile now and she’s just not really coming around.”

After asking Cassie to help him out and her declining, she then proceeded to ask the date if she needed an out. The date also declined, but Cassie says later she saw the woman and the man get into separate vehicles, thank goodness.

As Cassie said, don’t be that guy.

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