Conservative TikToker Accidentally Advocates For Universal Healthcare

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Posted on TikTok this week, a conservative TikToker @conservativerose argues that if Covid-19 is the health of the nation, then why wouldn’t they give out free chemotherapy or insulin? She continues her argument that the fact that the government does not give these out means they do not actually care about us or our health. However, that argument accidentally is in support for universal healthcare which is something Democrats have fought for years.


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This TikTok was then replied to by @goodtrouble_ who laughed and said “That’s socialized medicine. We want that too.” This video became increasingly popular with 3.8 million views and 820,000 likes. Though a comical video. this TikTok brings up an important and widely debated issue: universal healthcare. Universal healthcare is defined as a system in which all residents of any particular country or region are assured access to health care, regardless of income. The goal of this system was set to help improve health outcomes and to provide services to those who deem it more necessary than others. Countries like Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, and the list goes on have this system. Many disagree with this as they fear the logistics and upfront costs. 

TikTok’s Response

After the viral video, the original poster @conservativerose1 mentions that she believes in some of the policies liberals do even as a conservative and tries to break down the idea that conservatives and liberals are unable to agree on the same things. She mentions that “people think that just because we’re conservatives that we’re not allowed to agree with some of the policies liberals do have.”

This video was not very popular in the comments with conservatives or liberals. One person commented “With all due respect, that are not presented wrong. They are framed wrong by the media which YOU consume. They are presented factually and then twisted.” Another commented that she needed to take a political quiz because “If you believe in almost ANY liberal views you are so not conservative.” This highlights the division in our country and how both sides seem to feel as if they are on the opposite ends and how this might be contributed by the media we consume. Currently, the original video has been deleted as the internet is not a safe space.


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