TikTokers Unleash ‘Bad Blood’ Callouts in Trend Inspired by Taylor Swift

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In a world where social media trends come and go, TikTok remains at the forefront of shaping popular culture. The latest sensation on the platform is one that ex-lovers might find a little unnerving, as TikTokers channel their inner Taylor Swift and fearlessly call out their past flames, all without worrying about “Bad Blood.”

Behind the Song that Sparked the Trend

This intriguing TikTok trend, which has sent exes quaking in their boots, is the result of none other than the pop sensation herself, Taylor Swift. Swift’s recent release of “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” sent shockwaves through the music industry, and the accompanying vault tracks were no exception.

In an Instagram post, the pop star revealed “1989” was her favorite rerecord yet specifically because of the vault tracks, writing, “To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done because the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can’t believe they were ever left behind.”


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The song fans were most excited about was titled, “Now That We Don’t Talk,” and was originally written for the first release of “1989” with Swift’s longtime songwriting partner Jack Antonoff.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are seen walking around Central Park on December 02, 2012 in New York City.
NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 02: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are seen walking around Central Park on December 02, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Speculation continues to run wild regarding the meaning of “Now That We Don’t Talk,” with the most popular theory linking it to Harry Styles. Styles and Swift had a brief relationship between 2012 and 2013, and fans believe the song alludes to him, primarily due to the lyric, “you grew your hair long.” Styles notably embraced longer locks after their breakup, though these theories have yet to be officially confirmed.


TikTokers Add Their Own Meaning

Swifties worldwide have seized this opportunity to create their own versions of “Now That We Don’t Talk” by calling out their former partners on TikTok, thus birthing this new trend.


This felt freeing #nowthatwedonttalk #taylorswift #1989taylorsversion

♬ original sound – Toria

The callouts encompass a wide range of emotions and experiences, from relief after no longer defending their ex’s character to being happy they no longer have to fight to get a word in during conversations. Some users even delve into peculiar territories, like this TikToker who mentioned some suspicious ex-girlfriend bikini business.


*these things were from multiple different humans not just one 🫶🏼😂 #exboyfriend #betteroff #nowthatwedonttalk #taylorswift #taylorsversion #1989taylorsversion

♬ original sound – Toria

Interestingly enough, this trend isn’t limited to romantic relationships; many are using it to discuss issues that arose in ended friendships as well.


Miss #taylorswift knew what she was doing with this one #nowthatwedonttalk #exbestfriend #fyp #1989 #1989tv #1989taylorsversion #booktok #swifties @Taylor Swift

♬ original sound – Toria


Online Reactions

For most fans, it seems participating in this trend has been a cathartic experience. The individual takes on the song have garnered widespread appreciation. However, not everyone is on board with the trend.

Some users question why certain aspects of their exes’ appearances or personality traits are being dissected in the videos. On the flip side, some have chosen to use this trend as an opportunity for self-reflection, pondering what their own exes might say about them.

Despite the mixed reactions and the controversy surrounding the trend, Taylor Swift’s influence on popular culture remains as powerful as ever. The “Now That We Don’t Talk” TikToks continue to pour in, demonstrating the enduring impact of the pop icon on her fans and the ever-evolving world of social media.

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