Somebody's gotta put on the orange foundation...

This new TikTok trend is all about block eyebrows, loads of mascara, and orange foundation. TikTokers are transforming themselves into their republican counterparts with the help of bronzer and even some wigs. The trend was dubbed “republicansona” as a combination of the words republican and persona as an homage to the makeover’s effort to look like stereotypical right-wingers. The trend features mostly alternative teenagers and is set to the country artist, RaeLynn’s, 2018 song ‘God Made Girls.’ The song features sexist lyrics that insinuate that women’s existence is merely for the improvement of men with lines like “Someone’s gotta be the one to wear the pretty skirt” and “Somebody’s gotta teach him how to dance.”

The Infamous TikToks

TikToker, Shayne aka @Pimpdaddyshayne on the platform, posted this video with the caption “Hi my name is shayna and my dad is a cop.” Watch the hilarious video below in which you can watch them load on the white concealer and draw botched eyeliner either eye.


Hi my name is shayna and my dad is a cop 🥸

♬ original sound – Tex

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The video has since reached over 230k likes and many other videos of teens impersonating republicans have followed.

Zo, @zorbeez, took their shot at the trend completely turning their entire look around, even going as far as throwing on a blonde wig captioning the video with “republican-sona time.”


republican-sona time 😁✨

♬ original sound – Tex

Ashlie Gorman, @tr_ashlie on TikTok, went on the app to give us major early 2000s high school vibes with loads of concealer, powder, mascara, and uneven liquid liner.


This trend was made for me 🤡 #Republicansona #godmadegirls #HarryStyles #fyp

♬ original sound – Tex

TikToker, Chloe @chloebluecandy, jumped on the bandwagon with thick, block eyebrows, and a big blonde wig, captioning the video with, “Don’t worry I didn’t put primer on so I won’t look like a clown for very long.”


Don’t worry I didn’t put primer on so I won’t look like a clown for very long🥲 #fyp #republicansona

♬ original sound – Tex


In response to “republican-sonas,” some TikTok-ers are trying their turn at “Liberal-sonas.”

Carly, @lol.itz.carly, wanted to take the opportunity to flip the script and transformed herself into her perception of a liberal including colored eyeshadow and lots of eyeliner.


decided to switch up the trend lmao

♬ original sound – Tex

Syd, @syd.thekiddo, covered her face with extremely light foundation, covered the tails of her brows, and drew long eyeliner to turn herself into her “liberal-sona.”


her name is cid 8) #maga #biden #liberal #black #white #fyp

♬ original sound – Tex

Twitter Has Mixed Feelings

While the trend is quite funny, some people have mixed feelings about the makeovers.

Cam on Twitter, @IcedFrapp, took to the platform to share her perspective on the issues. She wrote, “(uh anyways is it just me or is the republicansona trend on tiktok kinda icky),” and “idk it just kinda feels like we’re just reducing them to their appearances and given the common overlap of feminism and liberal/leftism, it kinda feels like almost hypocritical? like if we bully them it should be for their politics, not their looks? idk maybe i’m just old.”

She does have a point. It does feel anti-feminist to boil women down to their looks because of their political opinions.

Other Twitter users find the videos hilarious like Natalie who tweeted out, “i feel bad for my neighbors bc i have that “god made girls” tiktok sound on repeat but the “transforming-into-my-republican-sona” videos are so funny.”

We love a good TikTok trend but how do you guys feel about the trend? Funny or objectifying? Let us know in the comments if you will be partaking part in this trend or not?