Tim Allen Trends After Pamela Anderson Alleges He Flashed Her in Upcoming Memoir

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Actor Tim Allen trends today following an excerpt from Pamela Anderson’s upcoming memoir, Love, Pamela made the rounds on social media. Anderson alleges that Allen flashed her on her first day on the set of the long running ABC sitcom Home Improvement. She quoted Allen saying that “it was only fair, since I’ve seen you naked. Now we’re even.”

The allegation against Allen did not come as a shock to those who knew of Allen’s persona pre-The Santa Clause. Allen was arrested in the early 80s for cocaine possession, and later rebranded his comedy to be more family-friendly. He recently starred in The Santa Clauses alongside his teenage daughter, Elizabeth Allen Dick.

In recent years, Allen has publicly spoken on his support of the Republican party. Conservative media personalities were quick to attempt to disprove Anderson’s allegations, as many view Allen as an important Hollywood figure for the Republican party.

Anderson told Vanity Fair that she does not hold a grudge against Allen, but that his behavior was inappropriate nonetheless.


Allen publicly denied Anderson’s allegation, stating that he would “never do something like that.”

Anderson’s memoir and accompanying Netflix documentary come nearly a year after the release of Pam and Tommy on Hulu. The miniseries, which starred Lily James as Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as her ex husband Tommy Lee, was reportedly made against her wishes.

The miniseries is what ultimately prompted Anderson to come forward and tell her side of the story. Anderson was famously married to Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee–the couple’s sex tape was leaked against her consent, and the relationship allegedly became physically abusive.

Anderson’s story is one that many female actresses in the limelight in the 90s and 00s can relate to–someone whose persona was sexualized to the point that harassment and domestic violence was continuously swept under the rug. This phenomenon was a major factor in the public criticism surrounding Pam and Tommy.


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Pam and Tommy even became a popular Halloween costume in 2022 due to the popularity of the series, which further fueled mixed dialogue surrounding the ethics of the series.


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Actress Lily James, who portrays Anderson in Pam and Tommy, later expressed feeling conflicted do move ahead with the show knowing that Anderson chose not to be involved.


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Anderson has long been an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and revenge pornography. In 2014, she came forward publicly about the abuse she suffered in her childhood. She hopes to change the public opinion on survivors.


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The memoir and documentary will include vulnerable accounts of some of her most famous moments, and snippets of original poetry. Anderson has credited her sons, Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee for encouraging her to share her perspective in the memoir and accompanying documentary.

Anderson shared with People that the writing process for the book was incredibly healing, for herself and her mother. She said, “It’s been a healing process. I’m so happy to share it and hopefully people will be inspired.”

Anderson’s memoir and Netflix film are slated for release on January 31.

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