Tips for Balancing Work and School Successfully

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How to Balance Work and School Successfully: Time Management Tips

Not everyone knows how to combine work and study correctly. Because of this, most people find it difficult – they either have lower grades or have problems with their employer. To make your life easier, we have compiled the most effective strategies to to successfully balance school and work. Prepared by the experienced  writers from, these tips will help you stay on track and achieve both professional and academic success.

The reason to combine work and study

Some students do not understand why they need to combine work and study. Usually they are those who are still being supported by their parents. There is nothing wrong with that, but they are missing out on some opportunities.

The benefits of working while studying at university:

  1. The most obvious fact is that you will have an income. You can afford certain purchases
  2. Independence. No one will control your budget, which means you can spend your money as you wish
  3. Gaining skills. Not all universities give sufficient practical knowledge, and thanks to the work, you’ll get out of university a first-class specialist. Part-time jobs also help you find a good basis for further self-development, which in the future will be easier to find a job.
  4. Work experience. You won’t have to face a serious employment problem after graduation – lack of experience. Most university graduates fail to find a job for this very reason
  5. Discipline. You will quickly learn how to organize your time, as well as develop the important skill of multitasking.
  6. Help for parents. Students are adults, mature adults, and by the end of their studies they should have already completed the process of separation – separation from the child from the parents. Getting a job will help with that. Now you can help your family financially.
  7. Starting a career. Most successful people started working while they were still students. It is much better to get on the first step of the career ladder before graduation – the earlier, the better.

So, to make it easier for you to figure out why to combine work and study, we have cited several arguments. However, the most popular reason for a student to start working is a lack of money.

Where to find a job for a student

The most obvious answer to the question is on an advertisement site. However, this method is not the most effective. First of all, these services must be used wisely – competently compose your CV and carefully filter vacancies. Secondly, there is a possibility of falling into the clutches of fraudsters. You can spend a lot of time on training or a free internship, and in the end do not get a job and do not earn anything.

The best option is to ask your friends. Inform your family and friends that you are currently looking for work. Surely if someone they know will be looking for an employee, they will recommend you. This method will save you from unscrupulous employers.

It is worth considering all the options – perhaps you will find a part-time job in your department. Students often get jobs as lab technicians or secretaries.


Before you think about where to find a job for a student, you need to weigh the pros and cons of combining the two activities. The main thing is to consider the time of employment and assess your capabilities, whether you are able to combine work and study.

How to combine work and study – tips for students

How to combine work and study – a question that worries thousands of students around the world. Most people think that working part-time while studying is very difficult. And it really is, but if you know some tricks, it will be a little easier. To make it easier for you to combine earning and studying, we have prepared the most useful tips:

  1. If possible, tell your classmates and professors that you are working. They may turn a blind eye to your absences. Some educators tend to be loyal to working students. They, too, once studied and are well aware that one can not live on one scholarship
  2. Look for such a supervisor, who will agree to let you go during the session. The employer must know that you are a student. Otherwise you will not be able to avoid problems.
  3. Organize your time properly. In addition to the fact that you will need to manage to attend classes and go to work, you need to rest. If you ignore fatigue for a long time, you will begin to experience constant stress, and there is not far and up to the emotional burnout. If you do not know how to manage everything and not get tired, be sure to read the article to the end.
  4. Do not refuse help. For example, take the food that was prepared by a caring mother (you will not have time to cook with such a schedule). You can ask for help from classmates, for example, take the lectures to rewrite. It is also possible to seek assistance from an online college writing service. This will save your time and you can focus on other more important tasks of academic life.

Now that we understand how to juggle studying and working, let’s explore the best type of jobs for students.

What jobs can be combined with studies

Let’s consider what work is the easiest to combine with the training. When looking for a job, there are many things to consider: schedule, the ability to take time off and leave during the session, salary, location, etc. However, there are several options that are most suitable for combining with university studies.

If you have a favorite hobby, then it is worth trying to make money on it. Many things you can make with your own hands – baskets, hats, toys, paintings, etc. The modern market is saturated with handmade goods. However, it is always possible to find a niche that suits you. If you can start earning on your own production of goods, you can regulate your own schedule, which means you can successfully combine your activities with your studies.

It is useful to master computer programs. For example, applications for creating designs, the most popular being 3ds Max and Photoshop. Or learn how to use website builders. These skills will help you earn money through remote work. Now the designer is in demand. You can also use services to do assignments on time. This will help you get good grades and save some time for yourself.


Planning will help you work while studying at the university

Planning can help you work during your university studies. Two things can help you organize your time properly:

  1. Planner. This is a notebook in which you form your schedule. They come already well-designed, right down to the shopping list column and the pages for counting income and expenses. You can also use special apps for your phone, so you won’t forget anything. They tend to remind you with a sound.
  2. Checklist is a to-do list with checkboxes and marks in front of each. As you do it, you fill in the box you need.

It’s also best to choose a position with more than one person. That way you’ll have the ability to schedule shifts. And you’ll also be able to swap working days with someone in case of a test or a sudden  university assignment.

How to earn on knowledge

Every student should know how to make money from knowledge. Because this is one of the easiest ways for a student to make money. There are three least energy-consuming options:

  1. Tutoring. Finding students will not be difficult, because you are constantly in a student environment
  2. Selling your work. There are likely to be those among undergraduates who want to buy ready-made tickets for the exam
  3. Learn how to get a high scholarship. To do this, you will need to achieve success in scientific, creative, sports or social activities. You can, for example, write articles and participate in scientific and practical conferences, be a member of a university sports team, become an organizer of a student event, or demonstrate some of your talents – singing, reading poetry, or dancing. You may think this is a lot harder than working – but it’s not. Don’t forget that different types of scholarships can add up. If you qualify for several different payments, it’s quite possible that your income will become close to your average salary.

Thus, by taking advantage of ways to earn knowledge, you can successfully combine work and study. At the same time, it is likely that your academic performance will even improve. Because, for example, thanks to tutoring you will constantly practice your knowledge. And probably, in the future, learning can become your profession. 

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