TLC’s Extreme Sisters Plan To Breastfeed Each Other’s Babies

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Courtesy of TLC

If you keep up with TLC’s extreme sisters, you might have been watching the journey for Brittany and Briana who married Josh and Jeremy just over a little over two years ago. Brittany and Josh welcome their first baby into the world, and it won’t be long until Briana and Jeremy do the same. They sat with Entertainment Tonight and said they are taking a co-parenting tactic to their relationships. “I feel like I’m Jett’s parent and I think my brother Josh feels the same way about Jax. Brittany and Briana both have agreed to breastfeed each other’s babies as well.

“We would dream of these identical princes would find us and we’d be whisked away but together, and we did it. We met them. We married them. It happened.” They attended a twin’s festival in Ohio where Briana met Jeremy and later introduced Josh and Brittany. The rest was history after that, they became one big happy family with the desire to expand their family, and such they did. Brittany and josh suffered a miscarriage on the first try after speaking with a doctor who said that they shouldn’t procreate it may not be good for their bodies, but a miracle happened, and they were able to conceive a child. It wasn’t long after that Briana and Jeremy were able to get pregnant as well and they both are having boys.

Since the girls were young despite having different personalities, they both desired to live a life together. Growing up they did everything together. Sharing a deeper connection, it is hard to break such a bond apart. “We drive to the same law office; we work on the same cases. We split up for the first time in our lives to go to two different law schools in two different states and it was a decision we regret. I without Brittany isn’t perfectly me.” Briana tells TLC on their show, Extreme sisters.

The bond is so strong they have accumulated a name for us non-twinset folk “singletons.” They immediately realized that they wanted to share their lives with one another and have boyfriends who had the same desire. Certainly, an unorthodox and unique approach to parenting but both couples seem to be very happy about their situations.

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