Today’s Trends in Homework

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According to research, assigning homework can be a highly effective method that enhances learning. Researchers also advise that homework should be given at a specific measure because too much of it might produce negative results. 

 As the world evolves into a full technological era, the style of learning and homework assignments is changing too. Looking into a few decades ago, students would copy homework from a chalkboard or a teacher would give them a page and a chapter in a textbook. Today, the trends have drastically changed with new structures for homework and writing in use. 

Knowledge application homework

 This is one of the educational trends that has taken time to evolve, although it is currently changing fast. The trend has fast evolved from book-based assignments where teachers would give their students an open book exam. They would permit students to refer to textbooks during assignment/homework writing. 

 In the era of smartphones, teachers have taken the trend further and allowed students to refer from both the textbook and smartphone so that they can do better analysis and evaluation. The strategy used in this method is avoidance of direct questions from the books. 

 Teachers instead give a context and require students to apply knowledge and show their analysis skills based on the context. This kind of homework assignment might favor native English-speaking students against non-natives who might get difficulties expressing themselves in English. Luckily, many of them find help from a native online writer or English tutor. Visit this website to see the best TEFL course in Bangkok.

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 Use of online writing services

 This trend is old but it gained new meaning due to the fast growth of technology. After students receive their homework, it is no longer a must. They stress themselves thinking about concepts, formulas, and strategies. They can easily search online and hire an experienced writer to write their homework. 

 Homework help when needed 

 Trends in homework assignments and writing are changing fast and the result is an easier method to receive, write, and submit homework. With fast-changing technology, you no longer need to be in a physical classroom to receive or do your homework. You don’t even need to do the homework yourself because you can pay someone to do it for you. Paying someone to do your homework at Ca.EduBirdie would be your best decision because they are writing experts in any academic field. Due to the new trends, students can do better in education without the need to undergo much stress due to assignments. 


Finding help with homework is one of the best solutions and trends today. Image: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels

Giving application based homework

 This is a trend that has gained root fast within less than a decade. In this trend, teachers look for how best a student can apply skills and knowledge of application concepts and write smaller organized texts. 

 Instead of assigning a simple and direct topic like explain how apple implements innovation, teachers give a more complex question. This is a direct topic that a student can easily get full content from by a simple online search. To help a student apply concepts more deeply, the teacher gives the same topic but in a broken way. It can be a question like explain how innovation is implemented in a small business. This question can still have answers online, but a student will be required to think deeper, research wider, and apply their knowledge on applications concepts. 

 Online homework

Like in a traditional classroom, teachers no longer require to be present in the classroom to assign or check homework or dictate to students. They can teach in a classroom but issue homework and other academic assignments online later. 

 It is possible today for teachers to give entire lessons online for students to download later to learn at their pace. On the other hand, students no longer need to submit homework on hardcopies because teachers can provide an email address or platform where students can submit their homework and receive feedback.

Schoolwork at home has become more popular in the age of COVID. Image: Olia Danilevich

 Use of online tools

 Just as a teacher can assign homework using online tools, students can use them to do their homework. An online tool that has become a norm is homework writing. Students can do their assignments from anywhere, anytime they wish. They can use tools to do research, organize their homework, or eliminate distractions. They use other tools to check grammar and others to check plagiarism and to cite. 


 New trends in education have necessitated teachers to change the style they use to assign homework. They can give application-based assignments, knowledge applications, and online-based homework. On the other hand, students have changed their style of homework writing. They are adopting research-based writing, use of writing tools, and help from professional writers. The new trends have many benefits but the main one is simplified learning. 


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