Tom Holland Shows Off New Spider-Man Costume On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live showed off Tom Holland's new Spider-Man suit for Spider-Man: Far From Home on their Brooklyn show.
By Alex Firer

It’s been an exciting week for Jimmy Kimmel Live, they have something for you regardless of what part of the cultural spectrum you’re on. Do you like mainstream pop music and rap? Well, they have Cardi B talking about ripping up her vagina during birth. And if you like comics, nerd culture, movies, and looking out the window and seeing exactly the same place as the location in your his PS4 game? Well then, Tom Holland coming on in his new Spider-Man costume in order to promote the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home film, and getting into some delightful late night antics with talk show sidekick Guillermo should probably satisfy your need for late night hijinks.

It’s unsure if Tom Holland is pretending to be Spider-Man or himself in this sketch, which involves Guillermo stealing Holland’s mask. Kimmel makes a reference to Holland’s Spider-Sense, which he says should have warned him of Guillermo coming up behind him, but didn’t work because Guillermo is not much of a threat!

Wait… but then Tom Holland talks about shooting the new movie… but Tom Holland doesn’t have Spider-Sense, Spider-Man does! Gaaasp! Are Tom Holland and Spider-Man one and the same!? Is this a true Marvel Universe in our living pulsing Earth!? I mean, I don’t know if anyone else cares about this, but I sure do!

Instead of course the mainstream media, in its ignoring of the key issues, such as is Spider-Man a real person who is tricked by talk show sidekicks and invades TV shoots in Brooklyn, they focus on the new suit! Check it out! I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot as a fun Easter Egg in every upcoming Spider-Man movie, video game, and massive Multiversal crowd scene.

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