Tom O’Gorman and Richard Morris from Racing Pride Discuss Queer People in the Motorsports Industry

See how Racing Pride is uniting the motorsports industry and the queer community.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @RacingPride | Twitter

This week on Culture Q from Revry, Richard Morris and Tom O’Gorman from Racing Pride discuss the world of racing and how queer people fit into the industry. Racing Pride is an LGBTQ rights charity focusing on positively promoting the community in the motorsport industry. Morris says that he always enjoyed motorsports and watching it on television, which inspired him to be involved in racing as a teen, which is when he also started to realize he might be part of the LGBTQ community. He notes that the imagery and representation from the motorsport industry did not seem to encourage being LGBTQ. After seeing other sports do things to include the queer community, he says this inspired him to create Racing Pride.

When asked how the two work towards bridging the two communities together, O’Gorman said that while he felt he fit in the racing industry, it took him a little longer to feel as included in the LGBTQ community. He notes that bringing the two communities together has been “empowering” as he feels more comfortable embracing both parts of his life. Morris says that he feels the organization is creating role models and promoting them, which is always helpful to queer youth. “We try to break down the feeling of being the only one,” he explains.

When asked what the takeaway the two were hoping to get across with Racing Pride, O’Gorman explains that he wishes to “give somebody else the opportunity to come into motorsports in a place that they are comfortable… and be welcomed.” Morris agreed, noting that when participating in things that you love to do and are passionate about, “you have to be yourself.”

Overall, Racing Pride’s message is to “unite motorsport as a whole to bring about significant and lasting change,” which is a wonderful message that benefits many people in a multitude of industries. To watch the entire interview, click here.