Top Games with Similarities to Minecraft

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Top Games with Similarities to Minecraft
Yehor Kryvous

The sandbox computer game Minecraft was launched on the market in 2011 and has since attracted around 180 million players. The ability to move freely through the various game worlds and get creative is something that Minecraft users love time and time again. But even the versatile game has its limits. Are you looking for alternatives to get more out of your gaming experience or immerse yourself in a different design? Then you should take a look at the alternatives on the market below. There are many games similar to Minecraft that are at least as much fun.

A simple alternative: try slot machines!

Minecraft is characterised above all by its simple look. Not only does it offer unimagined possibilities in the open world, but players can also look forward to the simplified design. This can also be expected in most slot machines in online casinos, which are dedicated to a wide variety of themes and offer the chance to win. If you first want to find out which slots suit your taste and are a good alternative to Minecraft, you can test Richard casino no deposit.

There are some slots that are dedicated to working in mines or are thematically similar to Minecraft in other ways. You can also try your hand at retro games if you fancy a bit of nostalgia. Despite the simple structure, most other slots can score with a lot of excitement: For example, through special features or creative game worlds, such as those found in Minecraft. As you can see, slot machines are definitely a good alternative to Minecraft.

Top 5 game alternatives to Minecraft at a glance

It’s not for nothing that Minecraft is one of the best-selling sandbox games of all time: Players can create landscapes to their heart’s content and even team up with friends. If you want to find an alternative or enjoy similar advantages in other games, you should also take a look at the following games.


A major advantage of Roblox is that the game is free to play. Here too, players can look forward to rather minimalist graphics reminiscent of construction kits. Users can choose to create their own games, but there are also free-to-play games available, of which there are currently said to be more than 50 million. The possibilities are therefore also quite varied here, so Minecraft fans will get their money’s worth.


Advantages Disadvantages
Looks strongly reminiscent of Minecraft and Lego games Building set creation offers countless possibilities


Suitable for many operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

Can also be played in multiplayer mode

Parents should monitor their children’s gaming due to the lack of parental controls

Lego Worlds

This is also an open-world game that some users really enjoy. With its typical Lego look, it is very reminiscent of Minecraft and Roblox, so you can choose between several options. You can collect resources here to give free rein to your own creativity in subsequent creation. There are several characters and even vehicles available, but you can also go exploring buildings. If you find this boring after a while, you can also take on quests.


Advantages Disadvantages
Can be played on various devices

Quite favourable purchase price

Some content and expansions are free


Particularly varied and lively

Some extensions are not free of charge


The typical Minecraft look also awaits you in Trove: The characters come in a cubic style and this is also a sandbox game. Here you play as a team and can move through different worlds together with your fellow players. Access to worlds depends on the experience level of the players and their characters. Although there is no real background story, the many quests and crafting mean that it never gets boring.


Advantages Disadvantages
It is a free game

You can choose from a variety of characters

Playable on many platforms

Team play is very important

Creativity comes into its own here

There is no really good story behind the game

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is also one of the most popular games on the market. The pixel graphics are reminiscent of Minecraft, but this is more of a role-playing game in which you inherit a farm. You look after the farm, build relationships and farm. Here you not only search for resources, but can also fight monsters and play mini-games. However, this title differs from Minecraft in that it is not an open-world game. Therefore, the alternative is more for you if you fancy playing a farming game in a similar style from time to time.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very relaxing farming game experience

Many adventures are available

Playable on many platforms

Not free of charge

Not an open-world game in the classic sense


In this game, you find yourself on another planet. This planet is also endangered by a possible asteroid impact, so you have to work with other players to bring your civilization to a point where it can fend off the impact. You are therefore not only involved in farming and mining, but also in crafting – and you have to keep an eye on the balance of resources at all times. The simulation has been designed in great detail and therefore offers a feel-good factor. You can also interact a lot with other players.

Advantages Disadvantages
Particularly varied game

Ecological aspect makes the game more unique

Ideal for team players

Very pleasant design

Unfortunately only interesting in multiplayer mode

Not free to play

Why is Minecraft still so popular today?

Even after more than ten years on the market, Minecraft’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. This is probably due to the fact that players have so many options at their disposal that the game never gets boring. What’s more, the creators are constantly updating the game to ensure that the gaming experience runs smoothly. However, players not only like to enter the Minecraft worlds themselves, but also watch other users play for their own inspiration: In recent years, viewer numbers have remained at almost the same level. The popularity of the game with its roots in Sweden is therefore unlikely to decline any time soon.

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