Top Plagiarism Checkers to Create Original Papers

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Teachers love giving students writing assignments. It’s easy to see why such homework is popular among scholars. Academic papers should demonstrate a student’s understanding of the subject, their way of thinking, logic, argumentation, research skills, and ability to stick to their instructions, among many other skills. 

However, it is also easy to see why students don’t often appreciate having essays to write. These are time-consuming tasks that require a lot of preparation and experience. Moreover, a single mistake in quoting or paraphrasing can appear as plagiarism, putting a student into a lot of trouble. That’s why students should use plagiarism checkers to avoid such situations. See why to use them, how, and what options are available for students at the moment. 

Reasons to use a plagiarism checker

Students should have a clear idea of why plagiarism checkers are so crucial. Plagiarism may occur even when it wasn’t a student’s intention. Even the slightest resemblance of someone’s texts, uncited quotes, or poorly formed ideas can trigger a checker. You never know what can create a precedent. So, it’s best to detect the errors yourself rather than let the office find them. Such checkers will highlight areas you need to work on.

Sure, correcting plagiarized pieces of text can turn into hard labor. Sometimes, it requires rewiring entire pages and forming new arguments. Of course, your other option is to check review on and order a paper from the professionals. These writers will complete a plagiarism check for you. 

How to choose the best one

A student should look at a checker’s reputation online and compare their costs, popularity, speed, and tools. The latter includes the purpose of a checker and its main audience, such as businesses, corporations, universities, writers, etc. Plus, some checkers will be much more thorough than others. So, it’s best to try several sites before making the final choice. 

Down below, we will have several examples of the best plagiarism checkers for students on the market.


Grammarly is a well-known editing and proofreading platform. After all, even writers from essaypro will check their papers in Grammarly before submitting them. However, not many students know that this service also offers plagiarism checks. Students can use a full version of a checker only in the paid version. The free version will run a check and provide you with the plagiarism percentage, but it leaves out the areas of concern. 


On a brighter note, a paid version will also give you a full toolset to edit your paper, which includes clarity, delivery, and other improvements.


Quetext is more than just a plagiarism checker. It offers students a much larger variety of tools, like grammar checks, editing, citation generator, and more. However, its primary focus still lies in plagiarism checks. Students appreciate its simple design and fast loading processes. However, you have a very limited free trial. Fortunately, even the basic paid version (with the 100,000 words/month limit) has all the features, including setting it as a browser extension for faster checks.


Unicheck is one of the biggest plagiarism checkers online. It uses billions upon billions of academic resources like sites and published works to check each paper. Needless to say, this platform will deliver the most thorough results of all. Students should consider this checker when submitting big, important papers like dissertations. Overall, it is widely used by universities and students, providing them with the best services and most detailed responses. 


Everything you need to know about ProWritingAid is already in its name. This checker aims to improve your writing by giving tips, editing tools, citation generators, terminology tips, and more. The platform is perfect for students who want to submit perfect papers every time. In addition, this checker’s main benefit is available plugins for any platform or document app. Hence, students can instantly access and use the checker within Google Docs or Word.

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